Leading Firm in Quang Nam Tourism

3:52:47 PM | 12/11/2008

Found in 1990, Hoian Tourist Service Joint Stock Company has reaped big achievements in its key tourism and service activities: Hoi An Hotel, Hoi An Beach Resort, Hoi An Travel Agent… and has become one of the leading tourism companies in the Hoi An Ancient Town.
In the context of national and global economic slowdown and fiercer competition in tourism sector, Hoian Tourist Service Joint Stock Company still retains its foothold in the market and gains high growth rate. The year 2007 marked a breakthrough in the company’s development way when its revenues up 113 per cent compared to the whole year’s set target and up 24.7 per cent over the previous year. Four-star Hoi An Hotel covers 160 hotel rooms of international standards and four-star Hoi An Beach Resort An is home to villa-like rooms and traditional houses which people often call “peaceful Oasis". Hoi An Hotel and Hoi An Beach Resort have made great contributions to raise hotel service activity to 60 per cent of the company’s tourism activities. Last year, the company welcomed more than 60,000 tourist arrivals, 10 per cent in comparison to 2006. Of them, 55,695 were international tourist arrivals, accounting for 90 per cent of the total number, and up 13 per cent on-year. In recent years, to meet increasing demands of local and foreign visitors, the company has diversified its tourism products and services including sea tourism and sapa service. Though these new products and services have not brought about high income for the company, many tourists have been very keen them. In October 2006 when the company was equitised, it reported higher revenues. Notably, the company saw 10 per cent increase in revenues in travel services and drink and food activities compared to the previous year.
To gain the achievements, the company has ceaselessly made efforts in its business activities. It has changed business method, and handed over autonomy to units so that they can take initiative in activities. The company has also poured investment into upgrading infrastructure for hotels and opening more services. Improving service quality and developing human resources have been always paid attention to to satisfy tourists’ demands. In addition, the company has boosted trade promotion activities in the country as well as in foreign nations. Professional labour force would help the company raise its competitiveness, it said, adding that it has invited experts to provide professional knowledge for its staff.  
In 2008, Hoian Tourist Service Joint Stock Company has set a target to obtain revenues growth rate of at least 15 per cent, profits of 30-35 per cent compared to last year. It also aims to create more jobs and raise income for the staff and join more charity activities. To fulfill the targets, the company has tried to improve quality of sightseeing tours, open by-road tours to Laos and Thailand, develop more tourism services, including sea tourism and sapa service, better carry out marketing activities inside and outside the country, and launch more online hotel room booking services to lure more tourists. The company also aims to open tours to Cam Thanh, upgrade hotels. Notably, in 2008, the company has invested VND20 billion in construction of three four-star villas at Hoi An Beach Resort and developing more services to service tourists’ gastronomy taste.

N. Huong- H. Trinh