Ca Mau Mat, Beauty of A Traditional Village

3:20:48 PM | 11/12/2009

The southernmost province of Ca Mau is not only a hub of paddy fields, gardens and villages but also famous for mat weaving villages. Its places such as Tan Duyet- Dam Doi, Tan Loc- Thoi Binh and particularly Tan Thanh sedge mat have become popular along with the product of Hoi village in Thai Binh province and Dinh Yen village in Dong Thap province. 
Using Cedrela odorata (Cay lat) for weaving mat is a great potential in Ca Mau which boasts advantages, including abundant labour force. From the brushes of wild Cedrela odorata in the marshes, people in Ca Mau province make nice and durable mats from colorful fibres of Cedrela odorata. Local people have at least 1 – 2 looms. The mat weaving industry has experiences ups and downs, but people in Tan Thanh still maintain it from generations to generations. Every year, local households produce millions of products for the Mekong Delta and the Southeastern regions.  
Coming to Tan Thanh, you will see a colourful picture of mats. It is interesting for you to see an exciting atmosphere of different people from the old, the young, boys and girls sitting besides the looms to make beautiful mats. The mat weaving requires skillfulness and secretes. 
Many old people said that the sector appeared in Ca Mau hundreds of years ago and kept until now. Outstanding products are cotton mat in Tan Thanh commune in Ca Mau town. With durability and detailed patterns, Ca Mau mat has become a famous brand.  
Currently, the image of old women and girls sitting besides the looms are replaced with modern machines. The province has to date set up three mat-weaving cooperatives namely Tan Loc in Thoi Binh, Tan Duyet in Dam Doi and Tan Thanh in Ca Mau town. Since early 2008, two among the three cooperatives have received financial assistances worth nearly VND100 million from the province to buy semi-automatic weaving machines and other equipment.  This helps the cooperatives to increase its productivity and income for their members. Over the past time, Ca Mau mats have not only met the province’s demand but also are sold in many regions nationwide.  
The mat weaving industry also generates more jobs for female labourers in Ca Mau.  However, Ca Mau needs more financial support from the government for the development of the mat weaving industry. 
Thao Nguyen