Can Tho City Does Utmost to Improve PCI

11:19:44 PM | 4/6/2011

The 2010 Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), Can Tho city stood at the 13th with 62.46 scores, rising eight ranks against the PCI 2009. In an interview with reporter Thanh Hoa, Doctor Vo Thanh Thong, Vice Chairman of the city people’s committee proudly said “the result is attributed to the city’s efforts in solving difficulties as well as giving favorable conditions to enterprises and investors. These efforts contributed to improve the city’s investment environment, bringing it into an ideal destination for both home and foreign investors.”   
Could you tell us some plans of the city to improve the competitive capability and create more transparent investment environment in future?
In 2010, the country’s economy still met many difficulties and challenges, which influenced production and business activities of many enterprises. In contrary, the factors also affected the community of enterprises’ feel to the local government economic governance quality. However, the PCI 2010 showed the government’s governance capability was improved. The PCI 2010 reached 62.46 scores, 0.29 score higher than 2009. The sub-index of the government’s dynamism increased from 3.98 scores in 2009 to 5.18 last year. According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s announcement, in 2010 Can Tho stood at the 13th out of total 63 provinces and cities with 62.46 scores, rising eight ranks against the PCI 2009. The improvement showed continuous efforts of the municipal authority, agencies and associations of enterprises.
To further improve the business environment in the time to come, Can Tho has issued a decision on major solutions to maintian and raise the PCI 2011. For that, the city has appointed departments, agencies and district authorities to check administrative procedures, issues realating to land, taxation and customs in order to serve best enterprises. In paraleel with improving the investment and business environment, Can Tho will also focus on analysing shortcomings and challenges in governance and instruct the development of enterprises community.
Based on the efforts, Can Tho is expected to become an ideal destination for enterprises and investors in next one or two years and particularly in the 2011-2015 term, growing into a locality with the transparent environmetn and high-growth and dynamic economy.
The requirements on making information transparent, possibility in getting access to land or collaboration and support to enterprises in solving difficulties also need stronger and more drastic changes. So how has Can Tho authority deployed the work?
The improvement of sub-indexes through which helping to improve the rank is important because the final purpose is to improve economic governance, business environment and images of a transparent business environment, contributing to build the image of government which is professional and familiar to enterprises as well as investors.
For the work, we aim to raise the quality of servants and their responsibility in serving the people; boost the office principles and set up office culture in state units; renew working manners which would become scientific and effective and less negative. 
In parallel with raising the quality of servants, the city will also focus on the reform of administrative procedures. The success of improving and making the investment environment transparent; cost of joining the market; time and implementation process of administrative procedures are the important moral resulting from the city’s long-year efforts in the work. The reform process of administrative procedures has been bringing the positive results, creating fine images of the city’s administrative machine to enterprises. The reform of procedures in the major fields such as investment, business registration, tax, customs, power, land, construction and technical infrastructure has significantly changed, helping to reduce cost and time for local enterprises.
Thanks to the PCI, provincial authorities will get objective feedbacks from the community of enterprises, seeing strong points as well as weak ones of the local business, through which they can offer suitable changes and reforms to further improve the business environment. What do you think about that?
Over the last years, the PCI has been considered an important reference to access the economic governance ability of provincial and municipal governments, including Can Tho city. The PCI also support enterprises in choosing investment places as well as considering opportunities to expand production or business scale. Thus, in recent years the PCI has significantly helped to spread the image of Can Tho to many domestic and foreign investors.
Obviously, the PCI is a useful tool to access advantages of business environment and boost the development of private-owned sector. The index helps provinces and cities in general and Can Tho city in particular to overcome itself and strengthen internal capability instead of waiting for influences from the central.
After six years of applying the PCI, I find that localities more and more appreciate and pay more attention to index’s signification and influences. According to an inadequate statistics of the VCCI, there have been 20 provinces and cities issuing decrees, decisions and programs on boosting the improvement of business environment and competitive capability. This is clear evidence on the importance of PCI in attracting investments into Viet Nam. In the upcoming time, the city will join hands with the VCCI to continue increasing the PCI rank.
To raise the PCI 2011, which solutions has the city offered?
To improve the PCI 2011, Can Tho has offered a number of solutions in order to raise the sub-indexes. The city will continue boosting the competitive capability in parallel with reforming administrative procedures at all agencies and levels; increasing the mechanism of collaboration and support to enterprises as well as investors in implementing projects, particularly in land and site clearance.  
The city will also maintain the mechanism of regular dialogue between authorities and investors, promote the model of one-door in order to get the best efficiency.
Besides, the city will pay attention to raise the quality of job transaction floors, join hands with enterprises to train and improve skills for laborers. In terms of the industries, the city aims to increase the added value of industrial products, set up the various network of industries, boost informatics in the public administration to develop the private-owned sector. This is considered an important solution to raise the competitive capability. 
In addition, the municipal center of investment, trade and tourism promotion will organize a survey in some localities across the country in order select and apply the most effective models as well as to create relations among provinces and cities nationwide.