Ha Giang Mineral Mechanics JSC: Actively Renovating Technology

5:14:52 PM | 2/8/2011

As a leading enterprise in extractive industry in Ha Giang province, for the past years, Ha Giang Mineral Mechanics Joint Stock Company has actively invested and renovated technology to bring high economic efficiency to refined ore products. A strong morale has helped the company get over tough times and maintain stable economic growth.
Initially being Ha Giang Engineering Factory, it was merged with Ha Giang Mineral exploitation and manufacturing Company into Ha Giang Mineral Mechanics Joint Stock Company. In 2005, the company was privatized and officially operated on March 1st 2006 under the name Ha Giang Mineral Mechanics Joint Stock Company. Operating in exploiting and manufacturing metal antimony, in factory investment and building process, the company has studied and considered technologies which suited scale, capacity, material zone, and national development orientation. Technology chosen had to meet the following requirements: products manufactured with ensured quality, meeting export standards; high revoking yield; waste and emission treatment being safe for the environment.
To assert its leading position in mineral exploitation and manufacturing, the company has continuously bettered product quality, gradually renovated technology, used domestic materials instead of imports to reduce product prices. The company carefully surveyed zones identified as containing ores, and continued to study geology in other zones the company hadn’t explored before. The company also coordinated with Ha Giang province to take steps to exploit new ore mines, based on estimated ore reserves, to build up sustainable development plans.
The company has built up its development strategy in the direction of stability, sustainability and comprehensiveness. Regarding human resources as the factor determining success in business and manufacturing, the company frequently holds training courses to improve worker qualification, and incorporates new antimony production technology from regional and world countries. Especially, the company conducts corporate management activities; efficiently adopts policies encouraging talents, gradually completes recruiting and training procedures, and conducts worker performance evaluation to meet requirements for integration. The company has also invested abroad as a strategic investor into domestic and foreign enterprises provided with antimony mines to increase input supplying source.
The company has actively renovated equipment, waste and emission treatment technology, increasing revoking yield, reduced cost, attached high yield production with environmental protection. It has continuously bettered product quality, step by step renovated technology to reduce price, protect environment, and looks forward to building advanced antimony bauxite furnace to stabilize the market. In operation, three tasks should be ensured: taxes submit to the State, labourers’ benefit and accumulation to re-invest for sustainable development.
Confronted with impacts from material market instability and competition, and to increase capacity and ensure sustainable development, the company applies measures to control antimony product quality, ensure reputation among customers and guarantee product efficiency. It also develops service, equipment and material supplying sources meeting technical, cost and efficiency criteria; monitors technical standards, material consuming norm and cost norm; reduces unnecessary cost and constrains input cost increase; and applies effective methods for production line equipment to improve product quality.
Trong Nhan