An Thong Mineral Investment JSC: Kicking up Ha Giang Industry

5:15:55 PM | 2/8/2011

For the past years, developing mineral exploitation industry is a spearhead calling for investment into Ha Giang province. Provincial authority has had many preferential policies, created favourable conditions and called many enterprises to come and study environment and implement investment projects. The mineral exploitation industry contributes considerably to GDP growth, and it needs deep investment strategy. Taking this advantage, An Thong Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company has implemented a project to exploit and manufacture iron ore concentrate. With strong capability, the company’s projects are expected to bring about new image for Ha Giang’s mineral exploitation industry.
Promoting capability of giant economic corporations
An Thong Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company, founded on 5 February 2007, operates mainly in surveying, exploiting, refining, manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting minerals in general, in which the core is iron ore. On 5June 2009, the company officially became a member of Hoa Phat Group.
With development strategy based on three mainstays (industrial manufacturing, real estate trading, energy and mineral exploitation), Hoa Phat Group has positioned itself well in the market.
On 4December 2010, in a business trip with Hoa Phat Group, Mr Trieu Tai Vinh, Secretary of Ha Giang provincial standing committee of the Party, considered Hoa Phat a big group which contributed significantly to the provincial economy with advantages of production, financial and human resource experience. He expected development of Hoa Phat in particular and of private enterprises in general will help to support poor localities. Agreeing with this opinion, provincial authorities highly appreciated Hoa Phat’s investment into Ha Giang, as well as promised to create preferential conditions for Hoa Phat to efficiently implement its projects.
Paying attention to modern technology
With investment projects in Ha Giang, An Thong Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company has always invested in modern technology, ensuring sustainable exploitation and saving resources. The company is currently the investor exploiting and manufacturing two iron ore mines Tung Ba (Tung Ba commune, Vi Xuyen district) and Sang Than (Minh Son commune, Bac Me district). Sang Than iron ore mine has issued license of over 26 hectares, with ore reserve of over 21 million tonnes, exploitation time of 30 years, and capital investment of over VND 180 billion. So far, An Thong Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company has completed procedures, opened roads to the area and implemented investment, supporting infrastructure building activities. Tung Ba iron ore refinery factory was built on over 17 hectares, with total capital of over VND 130 billion, producing its first ore concentrate in early 2011.
Keeping this agenda, on April 21st 2011, Ha Giang province issued investment certificate to An Thong Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company to build iron ore pelleting factory in Binh Vang Industrial Zone (Vi Xuyen district). With total capital of over VND 200 billion, capacity up to over 300,000 tonnes of finished ore each year, this will be the largest pelleting ore factory in Vietnam, as well as the only to operate in this function in Ha Giang. The factory has top modern equipment and technology, and uses a circulating ore pellet kiln fuelled with coal. To continue the project’s progress, the company is coordinating with local authorities to undertake land clearance activities. When in operation, the project will help promote provincial industry. This is Hoa Phat Group’s most specific and practical action in keeping promises of investment with local authority.
According to Manager Pham Quoc Vinh, in the process of investing, exploiting and manufacturing minerals, An Thong Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company has strictly observed laws, paid close attention to waste treatment and environmental protection activities, ensuring sustainable development. When in operation, the company’s project will contribute about VND 100 billion to the National Budget and create jobs with stable income for over 450 labourers, 50 percent of which will be Ha Giang people.
Trong Dat