Yen Bai Agro-forestry Products & Foodstuff Corporation: Dynamic and Creative

12:29:08 AM | 18/8/2011

Yen Bai has a large agricultural and forest land, which is considered a plus for development. For that reason, Yen Bai Agro-forestry Products and Foodstuff Corporation was established to process raw agricultural and forest products to boost the value of such products.
The corporation was initially called Yen Bai Paper Mill established in 1972, which was renamed to Yen Bai Forest Agricultural and Foodstuffs Joint Stock Company in 2004 located in Nguyen Phuc Ward, Yen Bai City, Yen Bai Province. The firm specialises in processing and trading agricultural and forest product and foodstuffs; manufacturing paper for export; manufacturing votive papers for export; processing cassava starch, cinnamon essential oil, etc. The corporation now has three base paper production mills with a combined annual capacity of 12,000 tonnes, a votive paper production facility with a yearly capacity of 4,000 tonnes, two cassava processing plants with a total output of 20,000 tonnes, a cinnamon essential oil plant with an annual output of 60 tonnes, and other facilities. The firm is planning more facilities in neighbouring provinces.
Gasping the market demand, the corporation has constantly invested in technical improvements to boost product value. It has cashed in on the support of local authorities and exploited advantages in human resource, equipment, capital, business management and other factors to diversify products, promote creativity, rationalise production technology to boost productivity and product quality and lower production costs to enhance competitiveness. In August 2008, the firm innovated a cassava drying system and paper production systems, shifting from fuel oil combustion to wood burning, thus reducing energy costs by 70 percent. In particular, the firm has always focused on environmental protection.
The company attaches much importance to marketing activities to expanding existing markets and seeking new ones. It also concentrates on strengthening unity, dynamism, creativity, democracy and transparency in its work and business environment. Hence, since 2005, it has always fulfilled or exceeded all targets the State has assigned. Output increased by 5 percent a year on average, sales climbed 13 percent, and financial obligations to the State completed preset plans. The corporation always ensures stable employment and gradually increases incomes for its employees, on performance-based policies.
In addition to business, the company always takes care of building corporate culture. Mr Tran Cong Binh, President and General Director of the corporation, said: “To attain sustainable development, the corporation has focused on building an individual corporate culture to professionalise its operations. It has issued regulations on thrift practice and waste prevention, promoted strengths and eradicated weaknesses to obtain the highest business results.”
Son Thuy