Lao Cai Water Co.,Ltd: Improving Quality of Life

5:29:08 PM | 25/10/2011

Being the water supplier for drinking and industrial production in the whole Lao Cai province, Lao Cai Water One member Limited Company has gradually asserted its reputation to all local households. The motto to improve quality and expand service network has created basis for the company’s sustainable development at present and in future.
Taking advantage of all resources
Facing huge challenges in finding capital for investment activities, the company’s leaders have determined to take full advantage of capital sources such as AFD, JICA and WB, up to approximately VND 250 billion. To expand the water supply system in the provincial urban areas, meet demand for drinking and production water, recently, the company has implemented works including: sub-component of supplying, draining and treating waste water in Sapa town; investment to improve water supply system in Pho Lu town – Bao Thang district, KHanh Yen town – Van Ban district; and the project supplying, draining and treating waste water in new residential area.
At the moment, the company’s water stations are present at districts in Lao Cai province, adequately supplying drinking water to residents. The company has always given first priority to consumers, produced and supplied safe, clean, quality water. The enterprise has marked growth in each work, won household users’ trust, contributing to improving quality of life and Lao Cai provincial socioeconomic development. Thanks to an appropriate, creative business strategy fitting practical development period, the company has always exceeded set targets with increasing growth each year.
Bettering life of the staff
The company leaders have always been concerned about staff’s life, ensured and increased average income each year, and provided labourers social, health and unemployment insurance. The company determines this as an important resource in business development.
In addition, the Company has developed business and service fields and expanded new fields to make full use of corporate resources in order to increase total production value, raise income and create jobs.
The company has been active and dynamic in orienting and building its development strategy. According to the plan for 5 years and vision to 10-15 years, the company expects more success in the field of supplying water for Lao Cai consumers, and to contribute to provincial economic development.
Hai Dang