Agribank Lao Cai: Renovating and Developing with Lao Cai

5:37:18 PM | 25/10/2011

Over the past 20 years, the Lao Cai Branch of the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank Lao Cai) has been a trusted lender in northern Lao Cai province. By promoting its achievements, the united tradition and the spirit of withstanding difficulties, Agribank Lao Cai excellently completes all political and economic tasks assigned by the State and Agribank. The lender is now serving an important role in the cause of building a prosperous Lao Cai province.
Reforming personnel and base development
As a proactive lender in Lao Cai province, Agribank Lao Cai’s current deposits reached VND2,562 billion, a 122 fold increase from 1991 when it started operation. This uplifting outcome is attributed to effective personnel apparatus and network expansion. Taking human resources as the nucleus of development, the bank attaches much importance to personnel training and retraining. In addition, it rotates its staff among affiliated units and creates best conditions for staff to work at their highest capacity.
In addition, the bank’s management focuses on renovating technologies to serve management and business activities. The modern computer system is interconnected with Agribank branches throughout the country to perform online transactions with other commercial banks in Vietnam and in the world. Agribank Lao Cai also applies software programmes provided by State-owned Agribank Vietnam and has completed the payment modernisation programme since 2008. Currently, all transactions are performed on the network by nearly 500 computers. Agribank Lao Cai also develops human resource management software and document management software which help enhance productivity and governance effectiveness.
Going with local development
In capital investment, Agribank Lao Cai always keeps up to date with provincial economic development projects like infrastructure construction and industrial development programme, border economic and tourism development programme. The bank at all times maintains its traditional credit market, constituted by agriculture, rural areas and farmers. It also expands lending to non-state enterprises, loans for business expansion, and finances mining, hydropower plant construction, and agro-forestry product processing.
Mr Doan Van Hoan, Director of Agribank Lao Cai, said: “Agribank Lao Cai gives priority to lending to small and medium-sized enterprises and creates favourable credit connections, especially with companies operating in basic construction, economic zone construction, and poverty reduction like rural traffic development, watering facility construction, agro-forestry product processing, and export-oriented production.”
Proudly, Agribank Lao Cai’s credits have contributed to the formation of centralised, large-scaled commodity production zones like tea, fruit, rice, maize and soybean cultivation zones. Lending households in mountainous rural areas has positively helped reduce poverty, build new rural areas, and boost prosperity. With the bank’s credits, hill-tribe farmers in Lao Cai province have changed farming practices and accessed commercial goods and market mechanism.
Agribank Lao Cai also puts a premium on social and charitable works. The branch’s employees actively participate in charitable activities launched by the locality and the banking industry.
In recognition of its achievements, the State President of Vietnam bestowed the Second Grade Labour Order to Agribank Lao Cai. The branch and many individuals received certificates of merit, awards and titles from the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Bank of Vietnam, and Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee. Travelling alongside Lao Cai province since its re-establishment, Agribank Lao Cai is committed to supporting the province in the future.
Trinh Anh