Hoa Binh Minh Co., Ltd: All for Asserted Golden Trademark

9:00:26 PM | 8/11/2011

Set up in 1993, Hoa Binh Minh Co., Ltd has substantiated its name in various Vietnamese business fields: motorcycle trading, building material trading, supermarket operation, and hotel management.
Positioning brand
The capture of market trends and general economic development orientations as a whole is vital in the company’s strategy. To prove how quickly it captures new development trends, Hoa Binh Minh proactively restructured its operations since 2009 with the target of “renovation and reorganisation to enhance business performance and personnel reshuffle to utilise human resource capacity in accordance with the company’s plans, strategies and objectives.” In addition, Hoa Binh Minh always surveys customer demands. In the 2000 - 2010 period, the corporation intensively invested in financial resources and business premises; planning and training human resources, building commercial centres, supermarkets, construction material trading centres, showrooms, auto garages and hotels in Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Vinh Phuc, Ha Noi, Nam Dinh, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and other localities.
With 10 years of operating in Phu Tho province, Hoa Binh Minh now has five member companies (a motorcycle trading company, an automobile trading company, and three construction material trading companies.) With more than 800 employees, including many young, dynamic, professional, capable and dedicated workers, Hoa Binh Minh not only supplies genuine products of high quality and reasonable price, but also provides considerate after-sales services for customers. The business motto “Sell at right prices - Serve at right manner” has acted as the lodestar for Hoa Binh Minh to move forward in the past years.
Asserting position
With consistent steps and plans in its business strategies, Hoa Binh Minh is proud to be rated a Top 500 private company in Vietnam in 2010. The outcomes reflect Hoa Binh Minh’s progress in the retail market.
Speaking of Hoa Binh Minh’s objectives and development roadmap, Mr Nguyen Tri Long, Director, said: "Hoa Binh Minh will continue pursuing multi-business principles, diversifying core products like motorcycles and construction materials; restructuring localised and product-based business operations; choosing a good time for the launch of automobile business development strategy; developing mining; and investing in Binh Minh Trade Centre project in Viet Tri City, building Hoa Binh Minh into a leading general trading company in the northern region and the south-eastern region.
Not only outstanding in business performance, Hoa Binh Minh always takes care of corporate social responsibility and considers it a part of its responsibility to the community. Mr Nguyen Tri Long said: "Corporate social responsibility is not just limited to charity but it is, at a higher level, the responsibility to the community and the expression of humanity." Every year, Hoa Binh Minh raises donations in cash and in kind for the poor and natural disaster victims, and actively takes part in charitable activities.
To reach its current robust growth, Hoa Binh Minh sets store in human elements and considers its staff the most important development resource. And, together with the business philosophy “Business - accumulation - acceleration - sustained expansion and development,” Hoa Binh Minh is confident to reap more success in the coming time and contribute more to national industrialisation and modernisation.