Hoa Binh Expects to Lure New Investors

10:24:19 PM | 20/11/2011

The Hoa Binh Provincial People's Committee held an investment promotion conference in Hoa Binh province on November 15, 2011. The meeting was attended by high-profile figures from the Ministry of Industry and Trade; the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Slovakian Ambassador to Vietnam; Ambassador of Czech Republic to Vietnam; and Hoa Binh province; and hundreds of enterprises were also present.
Mr Nguyen Van Tinh, Chairman of Hoa Binh People’s Committee, said: “Located in adjacency to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Hoa Binh is a point of trade exchange for Red River Delta provinces and the northwestern mountainous provinces. The province is rich in mineral resources, measured in large reserves - enough for commercial production. Through this conference, we hope that more investors will come to Hoa Binh. The province will focus on speeding up the construction of social and economic infrastructures, reform of administrative procedures, and improvement of human resource quality to create a better investment environment in Hoa Binh province. All investors in Hoa Binh are Hoa Binh citizens. We will be always with you.”
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Slovak Republic to Vietnam said: “In a very short time, Hoa Binh Province’s government has created favourable conditions for our businesses to invest there. We hope that our projects will produce best effect on the social and economic development of Hoa Binh.”
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Czech Republic to Vietnam said: “Hoa Binh has a good investment environment and people are dynamic. Thus, we like investment environment here. We see the investment into industrial parks as a process of constant development and encourage other investors to invest in Vietnam.”
Also at the meeting, Hoa Binh province granted investment certificates to BTG Slovensko Group to build infrastructure in Lac Thinh Industrial Park, Lac Thinh commune, Yen Thuy district, and carry out following projects in the industrial park: (1) Slovaka beer production plant with an annual capacity of 200 million litres; (2) a factory to produce heatproof materials for thermal power plants and construction projects; (3) a factory to produce thermal power turbines for power plants with a capacity of 100-1,000 MW; (4) dairy processing plant; (5) a solar cell manufacturing project. A BTG Group representative also said that the group will firstly focus on construction of thermal electric turbine and beer factories. The group will carry out these projects from 2011 to 2013.
Ngo Khuyen