SHB Dong Nai Satisfying Customers with Service Quality

4:56:03 PM | 29/8/2012

By serving customers with practically effective services, Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) has expanded its business presence nationwide. In October 2008, SHB set up its branch in Dong Nai province to fund businesses and residents to tap local potentials and advantages.
Since it started operations 19 years ago, SHB has always achieved impressive growth and outdone its business objectives while maintaining safety ratios and operating efficiency. As a pioneer of ongoing reform and modernisation, SHB has developed a verity of quality products for customers. Hence, it has won the absolute trust of customers.
In Dong Nai province, SHB has become an important and trusted financial partner for all economic sectors in general and the business community in particular. As a young bank branch, SHB Dong Nai confronted a lot of difficulties and challenges since its inception. But, with the confidence, solidarity and determination of all officers and employees over the past nearly four years, the branch has become an image of a friendly fellow of all customers. It also wins the trust of customers with its perfect, professional, rapid and friendly policies and the perfect service of young, dynamic and enthusiastic staffs. More importantly, it has gradually asserted its position and role in banking activities in the province and contributed to local socioeconomic development.
To boost long-term mutual benefits and development, SHB Dong Nai actively explores difficulties and demands of customers in order to provide timely support for them, especially in hard times, by lowering interest rates or applying suitable lending schemes. Deputy Director Nguyen Thi Hoa Binh asserted that “SHB Dong Nai is always a trusted companion and join forces with businesses and individuals to make positive contribution to the overall economic development of Dong Nai province.”
SHB Dong Nai’s success was evidently proved in the first six months of 2012. Despite economic slowdown, the branch achieved outstanding results and contributed to the overall success of SHB system across the country. It continually creates and develops perfect banking products and services for institutional and personal customers and funds all economic sectors in the province. Therefore, in the first six months, it mobilised VND3,800 billion and lent VND1,600 billion.
Together with production and business activities, SHB Dong Nai always pays special attention to community development as it sees this as an important part of long-term development strategy. It actively grants scholarships for poor students, builds charity houses or present gifts for the poor.
With its endless efforts to create benefits for customers, SHB has been presented many awards and titles like “Retailers of Vietnam” Award from the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation, “Best Commercial Bank in Vietnam” Award from Global Finance Magazine, National Leading Brand Award in many years, ASEAN Famed Brand Award, and Top 30 companies with Best Annual Report in 2012.
Speaking of development orientations, Ms Binh said: "SHB Dong Nai is committed to meeting all reasonable financial requests for from customers with the best service quality, focuses on human resource development to build strong, modern and friendly bank, and participates community-centred activities.”
Cong Luan