How Does Dong Nai Province “Win the Hearts” of Enterprises?

5:03:10 PM | 29/8/2012

“In the context of economic difficulties and the dissolution of numerous domestic enterprises, the number of dissolved enterprises in the province is very small, limited to only a few dozen in the first months of mid - 2012. Enterprises highly appreciate the investment environment in Dong Nai. When it is generally hard to attract investment currently, in Dong Nai still appear bright colours,” said Ms Phan Thi My Thanh, Vice Chairwoman of People’s Committee of Dong Nai province.
Finding answer to the question: how Dong Nai attracts so many enterprises, Ms Thanh said that apart from on-hand advantages of geographical location, natural conditions and a system of industrial zones with comprehensive infrastructure, Dong Nai wins the interest of investors thanks to its concentration on practical activities to create favourable environment for investors. Particularly those activities are maintaining socio-political stability, protecting the living environment, solving services related to enterprises and workers, protecting the safety of entrepreneurs, improving administrative procedures and enterprise support activities, helping enterprises to be secured to develop.
Ms Thanh also shared that the attraction of Dong Nai province was attributed to the proper policy named “the authority accompanies with enterprise” which has been implemented from the early 90’s. The policy has been implemented in the entire system, state’s management units always listen to enterprises and timely solve their problems with clear, open, transparent, equal procedures for every economic sector in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Investment, Law on Enterprises and relevant regulations.
Therefore, Dong Nai province always maintains socio-political stability, protects the living environment, gives good service for enterprises and workers, secures the safety of enterprises, improves administrative procedures to make them open, transparent and less time-consuming, conducts activities to support enterprises, usually meets with enterprises to listen to their difficulties and have timely solutions so that enterprises can be secured to invest and develop.
The province is resolved not to attract investment by creating favourable conditions inconsistent with current legal regulations. Above mentioned activities have shown concerns and care for investors which are the very reasons for the success of attracting investors.
Especially, when coming to Dong Nai province, investors will not be alone but always have the support of authorities at all levels. The province is determined to conduct particular activities: reform administrative procedures into “one-stop” or “one connected stop” procedures. The province is also pushing up implementing the public administrative management system ISO and continuing to reform administrative procedures. Departments and local authorities are applying the “one stop” management mechanism, accompanying enterprises and supporting investors who have projects in Dong Nai province. Moreover, the province also has “one connected stop” management mechanism through the Department of Planning and Investment (for projects outside industrial zones) and the Management Board of Industrial Zones of Dong Nai province (for projects in industrial zones). Contacting those two units, investors will receive instructions and be supported with relevant issues. And depending on scale and sector, projects will gain licenses at different date, however generally licenses will be received within 45 days from the day of receiving complete and valid documents (for projects subject to verification to get investment license) and within 15 days (for project subject to registration for investment license).
In addition, Dong Nai province has many industrial zones with comprehensive scale. And according to the planning of industrial zone development approved by the Prime Minister, by 2015, Dong Nai province will have 36 industrial zones. Besides, the province also got the approval of the Prime Minister to establish the agro-industrial complex in Xuan Loc – Thong Nhat, high-technological industrial zone Long Thanh, Centre for applied biotechnology Cam My. At the same time, the province is preparing conditions for developing social and technical infrastructures, training and developing high quality human resources. Many large scale infrastructure projects connecting regions have been invested and implemented such as: the highway Ho Chi Minh city - Long Thanh - Dau Giay, the highway Ben Luc - Trung Luong - Long Thanh, the highway Bien Hoa Vung Tau, deep-water habour Phuoc An, and international airport Long Thanh. These works are opening up many opportunities for investors into Dong Nai province.
Generally, Dong Nai province has been a picture of a safe and effective investment destination, and has attracted many investors from 36 countries all over the world.
In the process of establishment and development, Dong Nai province is one of the first provinces to exploit advantages and strong points, despite limits and certain difficulties, Dong Nai province has shown active and creative approaches to create the most favourable conditions for foreign investment, consistent with the policy of international economic integration and sustainable development of the Party and State.
The Thanh