Eximbank Quang Nam Growing in Tough Time

2:23:01 PM | 24/6/2013

Making a presence in Quang Nam province since February 2011, Eximbank Quang Nam, a branch of the Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank), always supports the development of the province. Despite economic volatility and economic difficulty, Eximbank Quang Nam always endeavours to overcome challenges, strengthen internal forces, and support local rapid and sustainable economic development.

Eximbank Quang Nam provides a wide range of banking services since its establishment in the province. While maintaining and reinforcing regular customers, the branch is actively approaching potential clients and diversifies deposit products to meet customer needs.

Being fully aware of the importance of capital mobilisation, Eximbank Quang Nam boosted its marketing and advertisement to introduce Eximbank brand name, applied effective customer policies, and diversified products. Mr Truong Van Son, Director of Eximbank Quang Nam Branch, said: “The branch’s deposit growth was 23 percent in the year to date in the face of increasingly intense competition. This is a great effort of the branch.” However, this growth is not very significant because deposit interest rates have continuously declined from 14 percent to 7 percent per annum, whereas deposit interest rates quoted by other banks are still high.

Eximbank Quang Nam’s outstanding success is the effective implementation of flexible and prudent credit policies which are not only suitable in a slowing economy and support businesses to access capital sources but also ensure the development and system safety of Eximbank. In a slowing economy, many companies scale down production and lack funds. Hence, the branch finds it hard to boost credit growth. Credit growth in Quang Nam province was 11 percent. For the time being, Eximbank Quang Nam has VND300 billion of outstanding loans. This outcome resulted from great efforts of the branch in seeking new customers and applying rate support packages launched by Eximbank Vietnam. In addition, the branch constantly improves credit quality, takes care of customers and supports businesses to live through the time of economic crisis.

Especially in 2012, Eximbank deployed many lending programmes for corporate and personal customers like dong-denominated lending programmes with annualised interest rate of 6 percent, 8 percent, 9 percent and 10 percent. With flexible conditions, corporate customers easily borrow money for their production and business activities, lower production costs and enhance competitiveness. With a variety of export support programmes, Eximbank has brought many benefits to customers. By actively reviewing clients to take back overdue loans, prioritising loans for sectors of local advantages, and restricting loans for risky industries, Eximbank Quang Nam manages to minimise bad debts. As of December 31, 2012, the branch’s non-performing loan ratio was 0.31 percent. The branch has also initially approached retail market and deployed e-banking services to attract and serve customers.

Despite difficulties in business activities in 2012, Eximbank Quang Nam actively took part in charity activities like raising funds for Agent Orange victims in Quang Nam province, visiting and presenting gifts to handicapped children, donating gifts to the poor, delivering reliefs to tsunami victims in Japan and donating stones for construction in Truong Sa Islands. The branch also launched the sports movements and funded many sports tournaments like volleyball, tennis, badminton and soccer.

Impressive business successes and social security works partially assert the maturity of Eximbank Quang Nam, the companion of the branch with the locality and the foundation for the branch to make success in the coming years. In 2013, Eximbank Quang Nam sticks to Eximbank’s instructions on credit, credit growth and lending for risky industries, ensures credit growth with safe, effective lending, review loans allocated to high-risk industries, and exceeds targets assigned by Eximbank. In addition, the branch constantly develops retail banking services, increases the market share of card payment, gold trading, foreign exchange, money transfer, expands business networks, provides social security works, and support the province’s countryside construction and development.

                                                           Cong Luan