VietinBank Quang Nam Associating Business with Social Welfare

2:24:21 PM | 24/6/2013

As a local branch of the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank), VietinBank Quang Nam has been striving to achieve stable development, gradually affirming its prestige for the outstanding brand name “VietinBank” in the province.

Stable development

From the very beginning, VietinBank Quang Nam has always paid due attention to developing and advertising its modern banking services based on advanced technologies. Besides that, the branch also develops different services like revenue-expenditure services, remittance payment, money transfer domestically and internationally, and issuance of ATM cards and international credit cards.

Strength, and also pride of the VietinBank Quang Nam lies on its dynamic and enthusiastic work force. Therefore, deposits of the branch continuously expand.

By continuously accumulating experiences, especially through practical lessons of foreign currency dealers, VietinBank Quang Nam’s staff become more professional and manage to meet the requirements of the work in the new situation, asserting the prestige of the giant brand name “VietinBank” in the province. In 2012 and in the first five months of 2013, although facing difficulties, VietinBank Quang Nam still managed to maintain its stability and has step by step passed through the tough times. Total deposit value of the branch reaches nearly VND850 billion; total credit value VND1,500 billion; total asset value VND2,500 billion. Currently, VietinBank Quang Nam possesses large transaction networks of over 31,000 transaction accounts and a huge number of clients of over 2,000 local customers.

Following the direction of VietinBank’s Board Management, the branch does obey and realise seriously monetary policy of the State Bank of Vietnam, giving credit to small and medium sized enterprises in the “Accompanying enterprises” Programme with low interest of nearly VND300 billion, launching the “Joining hands to overcome difficulties with enterprises” credit programme, giving export financing, implementing the JICA III international credit programme, and personal credit. Ms Bui Thi Xuan Lan, Director of VietinBank Quang Nam, announced that in 2013, the branch will continue the “Joining hands to overcome difficulties with enterprises” credit programme, and spend unlimited money for preferential credit programmes, launch credit programmes for businesses, support the financing for enterprises and individuals with low interest rate of 7 - 10 percent annually to overcome difficulties, maintain and develop business activities.

Sharing with the community

Apart from pushing business activities, the Management Board of VietinBank Quang Nam still actively participates in charity activities. Understanding the general difficulties of local people, since 2009, the branch has provided necessary supports like social welfare and assistance for those who contributed to the country in the war-time with total value of VND36 billion. During 2009 - 2010, the branch contributed more than VND3 billion to build three kindergartens, one social support centre, 2 orphanages  and donated to address damages caused by the Ninth Storm.

In 2011 and 2012 alone, VietinBank sponsored nearly VND33 billion to construct 292 houses for the poor; construct social buildings in Quang Nam such as: kindergartens, secondary schools, centres for orphans, health centres, houses for the poor. As for gratitude activities, VietinBank has financed to construct and improve 2 martyr’ cemeteries in Tam Ky city and Dien Ban district. To help medical treatment come to the community, the bank also sponsored one high quality ambulance and modern medical equipment for the provincial medical centres; committed to bringing up 3 orphans in Hoa Huong ward, Tam Ky city.

Charity activities of VietinBank Quang Nam have helped many poor households and children overcome difficulties, getting a better life. They are not only the culture that VietinBank has enduringly built up and developed, towards “Honesty – Kindness – Beauty”, and upholding the tradition of “intact leaf covers broken leaf”, together contributing to development of the community and the country. Ms Lan shared: “Contributions of VietinBank Quang Nam are hoped to be motivations for the poor to overcome difficulties, to have social security and good schools for students. We will continue to support and have meaningful gifts to encourage them to study”.

Nguyen Le