Lao Cai Motor Transport Vehicle Registration Co., Ltd: Ensuring Good and Safe Transport

5:40:24 PM | 29/8/2013

Set up 18 years ago, Lao Cai Motor Transport Vehicle Registration Co., Ltd, formerly Motor Transport Vehicle Registration Station, has become an important economic element of Lao Cai province. The company is always determined to boost productivity, quality and efficiency to increase its contributions to the overall development of the Lao Cai transport sector.
Director Nguyen Tien Liu said the company experienced ups and downs since its inception in 1995 with only three employees and rudimentary testing equipment, while having to perform technical tests on motorised vehicles. However, after the national motor vehicle registration network was put in stable operation, the Vietnam Register advocated modernisation of registration equipment. With the guidance of the Department of Transport, the Provincial People’s Committee and the Provincial Traffic Safety Department, the company purchased modern equipment to become a leader in registered equipment modernisation in the nation. And, to implement the motor vehicle equipment modernisation policy initiated by the Ministry of Transport, the centre was upgraded into a limited liability company in 2010.
In the past time, the company has made a lot of changes in operation to adapt to new situations. Firstly, the unit applied strict regulations, standards, processes and technical norms concerning vehicle registration. It has invested a lot in technical registration and testing equipment and applied new software for easy information search, check and reference. Professional qualifications, discipline and working style have made the success of Lao Cai Motor Transport Vehicle Registration Co., Ltd.
In order to avoid boredom with repeated vehicle registration work by employees, the company always takes care of their thoughts and aspirations. It frequently launches competition campaigns to boost motivations for the job. The Trade Union regularly coordinates with the Management Board to launch technical improvement and labour rationalisation campaigns to enhance labour productivity. With a modern mechanism, the company never faces working delays since it started service for customers. Especially, after the Vietnam Register added emission measurement to registration process, the company arranged employees to ensure the process and timing and sent the staff to check oversize vehicles in customers’ locations. Unionist activities tied to professional activities have made positive achievements. The company tested 8,500 vehicles in 2011 and more than 9,500 vehicles in 2012. In 2013, the company was tasked to collect road maintenance fees. In the first six months of 2013, the firm collected nearly VND30 billion and tested 6,200 vehicles, an increase of 15 percent from a year ago. Revenue of the company and employee pay are guaranteed and increased over the previous years as a result.
Director Nguyen Tien Liu said the company must ensure precise and meticulous testing and registration, although the number of motor vehicles is increasing rapidly. In the coming time, the company expects to receive the support of the provincial government for building another car registration unit and to get permission from the Ministry of Finance for a registration fee increase in order to ensure the highest quality of vehicle registration and testing. The company always lives up to the operating principle of “good and safe transport.”
Duc Binh