Dong Nai Customs Department: Effective Customs Reform and Modernisation

9:32:03 AM | 29/1/2014

Defining that State budget collection is the most important task of the customs sector in general and the Dong Nai Customs Department in particular, in 2013, typified by continued domestic economic difficulties and challenges which directly impacted the tasks and financial - budgetary targets, the entire customs sector had to add efforts and take drastic measures to fulfil its tasks and targets.
To perform assigned political tasks, the Dong Nai Customs Department has devised working programmes with the focus given to helping enterprises to deal with difficulties and obstacles, further promoting customs reform, building up the customs force in the spirit of "Unity - discipline - Innovation”. The department has also concentrated on collecting State budgets, intensifying inspection and examination, preventing smuggling and trade fraud. Particularly, stepping up administrative procedure reform and customs modernisation will help perform the key tasks more efficiently.
Being aware of the importance of promoting information technology application to professional activities, the Dong Nai Customs Department has accelerated the application of e-customs procedures to enhance efficiency and reduce the time for completing many processes for enterprises. To date, the department has applied E-customs Version 4 in all subordinated customs offices and to 97 per cent of local enterprises. The full and timely deployment of Version 4 e-customs procedures not only enables automatic inputting of declared procedures but also automates many processes like checking, threading and deciding customs clearance. This helps enterprises reduce much time for customs procedure clearance and thus reduce expenses for this work.
Besides, the Dong Nai Customs Department has applied digital signatures for local exporters and importers in Dong Nai province, thus laying the foundation for deploying VNACCS/VCIS (Vietnam Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System and Vietnam Customs Information System) in 2014. Recently, the department has launched container scanners at Tan Cang -Long Binh inland clearance depot (ICD ) administered by Long Binh Customs Branch. The scanners can simultaneously scan two containers and serve 23 containers an hour in the single-container scanning mode. At the same time, the department has established and put into operation the third professional team at Long Thanh Customs Branch to serve companies in Long Duc Industrial Park in Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province to process customs procedures.
Le Van Danh, head of Dong Nai Customs Department, said “The tasks of the Dong Nai Customs Department will be very heavy in the coming time, which will require much effort from all the staff. The entire sector must uphold the responsibility to meet the ongoing process of economic development and international integration. We are confident with our glorious tradition and we are committed to serving enterprises to overcome all difficulties and building the customs sector of Dong Nai province in particular and of Vietnam in general to be deserved with the title “Labour Hero” as named by the Party and the State.
Van Luong