Dien Bien Trade Union Tourism: Helping Factor in Dien Bien Tourism Development

12:13:10 PM | 28/4/2014

Situated in a prime location at downtown Dien Bien City, a short walk from the Victory Monument, with easy connectivity to famous tourist sites in Dien Bien province like A1 Hill, Him Lam - Muong Phang Ecological Resort, and Dien Bien Museum, Dien Bien Trade Union Tourism Hotel has become an ideal venue for visitors in Dien Bien.
Formerly the convalescence home for the Trade Union of Lai Chau province (present-day Dien Bien province), Dien Bien Trade Union Tourism Co., Ltd is an experienced operator of hotels, restaurants and tourism services in Dien Bien. Since its inception, the company has defined that enhancing service quality and building a friendly, professional culture to bring perfect experiences in the kingdom of mountain ebony flowers.
To promote business activities, the company pays attention to popularising and building the image, using leaflets and brochures at tourism fairs and cultural events. The firm frequently update concise information in a quick, accurate manner on its website for customers to know to make plans and schedules, and receives customer feedback to improve its service quality. It also joins culinary competitions and tour guide exams hosted by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Dien Bien province.
Besides, the human element is always placed on top. It is an honour and pride when the company is one of two companies licensed to operate domestic travel. This is an incentive for the company to complete its business plans. So, after participating in professional training courses on tourism hosted by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with the EU Project, the company’s staff is trained to convey a better impressions on tourists, understand the thinking of customers and enhance communication skills and experience in various situations.
Furthermore, the company facilitates its employees to visit and exchange experience with other peers in the province and in the nation. Then, they will learn new, suitable knowledge for their jobs.
With the active support of the local government and the relentless effort of the entire staff, Dien Bien Trade Union Tourism Company has excellently overcome difficulties and challenges to achieve encouraging results. In 2013, its revenue totalled nearly VND6 billion and the average salary of an employee was VND4 million a month. It applies all statutory employment policies and actively carries out social and charitable activities.
In response to the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory, Dien Bien Trade Union Tourism Company has actively taken part in tourism activities, and received foreign and domestic visitors to Dien Bien. However, the company is confronting certain difficulties in administrative procedures concerning reception of visitors, particularly foreigners. In addition, some tourist sites are hard to access.
Therefore, to develop the tourism industry and attract more investors, Dien Bien province needs to invest in some important traffic routes like the route from Tay Trang Border Gate to Dien Bien City, the routes from Dien Bien City to Muong Phang tourist site and to Thap Muong Luan - Dien Bien Dong. The province also needs to develop and diversify tourism products and services to make visitors more satisfied. Hopefully, the provincial government will provide more support for businesses to sustain the economic development and build a more civilised Dien Bien province.
Xuan Thu