Thanh Hoa Proactively Supporting Businesses

1:51:10 PM | 20/6/2014

The speech of Mr Trinh Van Chien, Chairman of the Thanh Hoa People's Committee at the groundbreaking ceremony of FLC Samson Golf Links & Resort Project of FLC Corporation in Sam Son about one month ago is still vibrant.
"The People's Committee will appoint a vice chairman to monitor and direct this project. He will get updated on its progress once every 5 days, if necessary, once a day to ensure progress requirements; to promptly investigate difficulties and support investors to handle them. By the way, I also suggest provincial departments and agencies actively coordinate with FLC to settle duties, but not wait for FLC’s requests. I also expect departments and agencies to immediately solve tasks, not rely on others. This is a very high demand. The People's Committee would take serious punishments to agencies that cause delay in progress," said Mr Chien.
When local authority devotedly supporting businesses
Not a few entrepreneurs and leaders of big businesses feel touched after the speech of Mr Chien. The reason is that if all projects have been implementing in regions throughout the country receiving such strong support like that from state agencies, the business performance of the project would perhaps be much more improved.
Mr Chien also said that FLC project has achieved many big advantages in terms of scale, licensing time and procedures.
Not only that, within 20 days, on May 30th, 2014, Thanh Hoa Construction Department issued a formal written Document 2507/SXD-VLXD officially accepting the sea sand exploiting plan to level plan of FLC Samson's Golf Links Project of FLC Corporation. This is the most practical support for the company.
Before that, on the basis of FLC proposals, Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee issued Document 3717/UBND-CN assigning the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to coordinate with the Department of Construction, Department of Transport, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Sam Son Town People's Committee and relevant agencies to consider the proposal of FLC.
With high consensus from the relevant authorities and based on field-test results, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment issued Document 1742/STNMT-TNKS proposing the People’ Committee allow FLC to exploit sand in this area with an area of 40 hectares under the form of plan and exploitation volume registration.
On May 21, 2014, Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee issued Document 4047/UBND-CN approving FLC to exploit sand for leveling the golf course project in Quang Cu, Sam Son Town. The document stated: "Agree with the proposal of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and other agencies, allowing FLC Corporation to exploit sand in the 02 above regions to provide fill materials for golf course construction in Quang Cu, Sam Son Town."
In 2013, Thanh Hoa ranked 8th in the provincial competitiveness index (PCI), up 36 levels from 2012; 9th in the provincial administrative reform index; 6th in the provincial economic integration indicators in comparison with other provinces throughout country.
On the base of Document 4047/UBND-CN of the Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee, FLC along with consulting units has established the investment and exploitation plan to submit the Department of Construction. After evaluating the plan, the Department of Construction reaffirmed at Document 2507/SXD-VLXD on May 30th, 2014 that: "The investment and exploitation plan of sea sand for fill materials in Hoang Hoa district and Sam Son Town, Thanh Hoa province by FLC Corporation are eligible for execution."
Thus, on 30 May 2014, FLC received approval to organize the exploitation of sea sand service of levelling the golf course project, ensuring timely set.
Creating excitement for investors
Leadership of FLC, particularly Mr Doan Van Phuong, General Director of FLC commented that FLC Samson Golf Links & Resort Project received a lot of support provided by the PCC and other authorities in favour of administrative procedures. It mainly results from mentality changes and efforts for administration reforms to attract investment in Thanh Hoa, but not just because this is the largest travel infrastructure project in the North Central in general and Thanh Hoa in particular, which created jobs for local people.  
"We are very impressed by the proactive and aggressive working style of administration departments involved. I believe that, with great performance of authorities in Thanh Hoa province along with potentials of geographical location - the economy and people, Thanh Hoa will continue to be a great destination for investors from home and abroad", said Mr Phuong.
 Obviously, when local governments are willing to meet companies to actively resolve difficulties, the issue of common interest among enterprises and people is placed on top; and administrative procedures are handled quickly. With such a great performance like that, it is not hard to explain why Thanh Hoa has an impressive leap in the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) in 2013.