Lang Son Tourism and Export - Import JSC: Effectively Tapping Local Resources

10:46:40 AM | 23/7/2014

In the past years, Lang Son Tourism and Export - Import Joint Stock Company has taken the lead in tapping local advantages to create typical tourism products. Lang Son province is endowed with a number of beautiful landscapes.
The company provides international travel and inbound travel; cooperates with other partners to form inbound and outbound tours; provides visa and passport services; imports and exports; operates hotels, restaurants and general services; manufactures Mau Son wine; and manufactures and processes goods for domestic and export markets. Currently, the company has many subordinate units, including Hoa Sim Hotel, Tan Thanh Hotel, Mau Son Guest House, Tour Operator Centres 1 and 2; and Nam Kai Restaurant.
In addition to sufficient infrastructure systems for development and integration requirements, the company has also successfully applied ISO international quality management systems and built up a strong workforce. Its employees have high professional qualifications and always serve customers with considerate, attentive and professional attitude.
With well-planned investment, the company has enjoyed steady growth in the past years.
Sharing his opinions about the investment and business environment of Lang Son province, Mr Tran Viet Di, Director of Lang Son Tourism and Export - Import Joint Stock Company, said, with open mechanisms and policies, Lang Son province has facilitated local businesses to scale up production to meet integration and development requirements. However, to enhance competitiveness and attract more investors, the provincial government needs to make greater effort to create a more favourable business environment for investors.
Duc Binh