Bac Giang Road Construction and Management One Member Co., Ltd: Ensuring Smooth Travel

10:48:30 AM | 10/9/2014

Assigned with the task of management, maintenance and repair of 210 km of highways and 390 km of 18 provincial roads, over the last few years, 260 officers and employees of Bac Giang Road Construction and Management Co., Ltd have been making tireless efforts to ensure smooth traffic for Bac Giang province even in harsh rainy and storm seasons. This is one of the important factors that have drawn many businesses and investors to the province.
During the months of storm season, the constant concerns of the Ministry of Transport are incidents such as landslides, flooding which can easily lead to traffic jams, endangering people and vehicles on the road. To minimize those damages, especially the impact on the transport infrastructure, and ensure smooth traffic, recently, Bac Giang Road Construction and Management Co., Ltd has actively implemented various measures and produced positive results.
Early in the first months of the year, the company started to build plans and implement preventive measures based on experiences from previous years. The company has assigned duties and responsibilities for each member and eight road management affiliates, ensuring that 100 percent forces were mobilised. The company has also developed and promoted the “four in-place” scheme for each year and each situation specifically. To proactively and effectively minimise storm damage, the company has held sessions of inspection and examination as well as upgraded road segments of high safety risk such as passes, steep, talus which can collapse easily. Specifically, the company has mobilised more human resources to repair and maintenance pavements, fixing markers, warning signs, ensuring good drainage in all conditions.
Besides, the company has also simulated various situations of incident to prepare action plans, such as: the streaming traffic plan; stocking materials and facilities in easily accessible locations to transport timely when needed. For roads could easily flooded during rain storms, the company has conducted examination, repair and replacement to ensure an adequate system of signboards, poles pepper, water column, therefore in all the roads of the company’s management, traffic over the last few years has always been smooth.
To meet the practical situation of the locality, the company has built two construction teams capable of satisfying the demand for various construction works in the province, from simple to complex. For 2014, Bac Giang Road Construction and Management Co., Ltd understood that difficulties hadn’t yet to be fully removed, the most significant was the dropped funding for road management, but by internal strength combined with many positive external forces, the motivation movement in the company would continue be uphold, growth would remain high at 10 percent/year.
In parallel, to fulfill assigned tasks, Bac Giang Road Construction and Management Co., Ltd always identifies human as its core element leading to success. Thus, over the last few years, the company has concentrated on building a staff and workers of high quality, able to meet the demand in the new situation. The company also has arranged social and health insurance for the entire staff and workers, as well as conducting advocacy, philanthropy and education promotion. At the same time, the company has always focused on training to improve professional skills and qualifications as well as political awareness for officials, party members and workers. The company has also built themselves a party organization transparent and strong, helping it to achieve victory after victory.
With those efforts, officers and employees of Bac Giang Road Construction and Management Co., Ltd are proud to be part of the province's typical units, contributing to the economic development of the province.
Duy Anh