Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Company: Effective Water Supply

10:49:31 AM | 10/9/2014

After nearly 10 years of transforming operation model, Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Company has grown in all aspects. Thanks to the efforts of staff and effective guidance of the authorities, the Company has obtained outstanding achievements in production, ensured good water supply for the city of Bac Giang, Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Song Khe – Noi Hoang Industrial Park, actively prevented water loss, continued to expand water supply and increased revenue. With the current water plant capacity of 25,000 cubic metres a day and 300 officers and staff, the company is trying to serve 35,000 customers.
Bac Giang is changing and developing every day. Bac Giang city is quickly developing to become a second grade city. Industrial parks and zones in the province have been expanding in size and quality, which has created more pressure for enterprises operating in public fields such as clean water and environment, etc. Catching the local development needs, Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Company has invested in improving water supply and sewerage system with the designed capacity of 25,000 cubic metres a day. However, based on the actual demand in the past two years, the company operates in 120 percent of its designed capacity in many occasions. Therefore, the Company is carrying out the second renovation and expansion project with a capacity raised to 35,000 cubic metres a day. The implementation of this project is one of the goals that the resolution of the 17th provincial Party Committee proposed. This will be an important project to ensure water supply for people's daily life and production and business activities of enterprise and investors in the area.
Thanks to efforts to continuously improve the quality of water supply and better meet the needs of people in the area, the operation of Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Company has continuously reaped several successes. Particularly, business revenue, revenue submitted to the state budget and income of workers has grown year after year. Parallel to the growth targets, the company has launched several measures to simplify procedures and facilitate transactions for all customers of the company.
Director Huong Xuan Cong said: Despite the impact of many objective and subjective factors as well as the impact of the economic crisis and interest rates, the Company has decided to put projects into operation to best meet the needs of local development. Besides, Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Company always keeps abreast of the development needs of the provinces in attracting investments and actively meets the needs of investors entering the province (Dinh Tram industrial park, Song Khe – Noi Hoang industrial park). Currently, the company, along with some others, is rushing to complete the profile of the construction water plant 2 with the capacity of 25,000 cubic metres a day and capital of US$25.4 million including US$21 million being loan and the remaining the counterpart fund of the company. When the project goes into operation, it will certainly meet the needs of Bac Giang in the new period and contribute to creating clean water for people and businesses.
Currently, Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Company is building profile for equitisation in 2015, and to improve operation efficiency. The implementation of equitisation in the next year is a key solution in the innovation process of state enterprises, restructuring of affiliates of the Company in accordance with specialized field, ensuring the efficiency and attracting more capital investment. Besides, the company also makes a qualitative change in organisation and management to avoid unfair competition; rapidly strengthens organization and activities towards reviewing portfolios, organizational structure and operational mechanism to dramatically change the nature of internal governance processes. These practical solutions have been agreed among the company’s officials and will be unanimously implemented for the company’s sustainable development over the time.
Binh An