Vietcombank Ha Nam Accompanying Businesses

10:02:22 AM | 5/8/2015

Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) was established and put into official operation on April 1, 1963 from the reorganisation of the Foreign Exchange Department directly administered by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV). By the end of 2014, in addition to the head office, the bank had 90 branches and 351 transaction offices, reaching most provinces and cities in the country. Vietcombank also had 1,853 correspondent banks in 176 countries and territories worldwide.
Seeing that Ha Nam is a potential province with opportunities for economic development, the Vietcombank leadership decided to establish Ha Nam Branch which was put into official operation in July 2012 with the aim of bringing the most advanced, modern banking services for businesses and people in Ha Nam province.
With the support and facilitation of the Ha Nam Provincial People’s Committee and the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), after three years of operation, Vietcombank Ha Nam has become a typical lender in Ha Nam and taken the lead in lending FDI customers. Vietcombank is among the Top 4 lenders in the province by deposit and loan market share.
To strengthen its connection with existing customers and attract potential ones, the bank has introduced its operating motto “Acceleration - Efficiency - Sustainability” and the leadership philosophy “Resolution - Connectivity - Responsibility.” During its three years of operation, Vietcombank Ha Nam always cooperates with authorities to improve the local business environment for FDI enterprises in the province, like attending New Year meetings between the provincial leaders and FDI firms and working with industrial zone authorities to grasp information and support FDI companies to deal with banking procedures. Moreover, with FDI customer units, Vietcombank always provides the highest-quality services in a timely manner. As a result, Vietcombank Ha Nam has approached and provided banking services to over 60 percent of foreign-led companies in the province, including big names like Honda, Finetek, T.rad, Dream Plastic and Midway Metals.
On the occasion that Ha Nam province hosted an investment promotion conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietcombank Ha Nam expressed its most heartfelt, deepest gratitude to authorities, customers and partners for their cooperation, companionship and support during the past years. Vietcombank Ha Nam will make a greater effort to give a helping hand to improve the local business environment and bring the best products and services for enterprises and citizens.