Kon Tum Post: Change for Integration and Development

4:17:46 PM | 2/8/2016

After 71 years of efforts, construction and development, the post sector has importantly contributed to the cause of national industrialisation and modernisation, helping to promote local socioeconomic development. Kon Tum Post is one of important contributors to the overall development of the post sector when it has constantly endeavoured to promote internal resources, initiatives, creativity and collective wisdom to fulfil political tasks and plans assigned by the Vietnam Post Corporation.
To carry out the directions from the Vietnam Post Corporation after the separation from the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) as decided by the Government and the Ministry of Information and Communications, Kon Tum Post has promoted its creativity, built a united and harmonious workforce, changed its business mindset and inspired employees to devote to the company’s development. In response to Directive 01/CT-BDVN from the General Director of Vietnam Post Corporation on “Post office renovation and teller service style”, apart from actively review the operational network, examine employees and rearrange post offices, Kon Tum Post took action to have “clean, neat and nice” post offices and this approach was transmitted to every employee and professionalise teller conducts and working manners of all employees in general. After more than eight years of separation, Kon Tum Post has outdone tasks assigned by Vietnam Post Corporation, evidenced by nearly five-time revenue growth from the last year before the split.
To increase its capacity to catch up with demands of international economic integration, Kon Tum Post has robustly invested in applying modern technologies to production and management; and applying software to service management, particularly accounting software, postal financial service management software and postal delivery service software, thus enabling it to perform every task effortlessly. At the same time, this investment has eased working burdens on employees since many jobs are performed by machines instead of manual works earlier. Companies and customers can easily check and claim. They can easily check the delivery status of their parcels when they are at home. These utilities have strengthened the trust of customers in Kon Tum Post.
Understanding that human factor is the key to success, Kon Tum Post has always focused on investing in personnel training in the past two years. Employees at all levels and positions, ranging from executives to workers, have been provided with additional training. After training, employees have been equipped with additional knowledge, especially communication skills and marketing skills. Besides, to educate tellers, Kon Tum Post launched a programme called “Secret customers” across the province in a bid to change their perception and knowledge of business and their behaviours to customers.
Ahead of the challenging integration process, Vietnam Post Corporation worked out the business development strategy for the 2016 - 2020 period. Based on that strategy and on actual local situations, Kon Tum Post must be self-responsible for its own business operations and grow up from its own internal forces. It will have more opportunities but it will also confront more challenges alike. Madam Tran Thi Bien, Director of Kon Tum Post, said, “Kon Tum Post has actively deployed useful services for local people and actively taken part in administrative reform: Identity card delivery, passport delivery, laissez delivery, vehicle registration delivery, driving licence delivery, pension payment and social insurance allowances. To catch up with the integration trend, Kon Tum Post will speed up public services according to the guidance of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Committee, receive driving licence registration and change documents, return results of driving licence registration and results of other administrative procedures provided by local authorities, thus helping people reduce travelling time and waiting time and promoting the overall development of the entire community and society.” With the right business development roadmap provided by Vietnam Post Corporation, with the solidarity, unity and consensus of the staff, the prestige of Kon Tum Post will be further raised and the image of Kon Tum Post people will be more beautiful in the eyes of customers.
Duy Anh