Viet Uc-Bac Lieu JSC Aspirational for New Heights

11:35:14 AM | 7/5/2019

The viewpoints and criteria of the competition of Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation are to maintain their position with the quality of breeds, service, price and after-sales regime for customers. After many years of operation, the unit has gained firm trust from customers, gradually building the enterprise into the largest shrimp seed production center of the province and the Mekong Delta region.

Providing high quality shrimp seed

Viet Uc Bac Lieu Joint Stock Company is a member of Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation, which was established in 2009 and officially went into operation in 2010. The key point in all activities of the unit is to always rotate around the operation system: "Services - Technology - Integrity - Creativity - Responsibility - Quality". Not only that, the company is also fortunate to have the foundation of Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation – known as a pioneer in the application of scientific and technological achievements, making an important contribution to ensuring stable and high quality breed supply as well as products for aquaculture and seafood processing.

“The fisheries sector, especially shrimp seed, depends on many factors, from climate, location to land, food, fertilizer, probiotics and cost, national planning regulations and environment control. Therefore, investing in technology and people to successfully implement the desire ‘Raising level of Vietnamese shrimp’ is never too much,” Mr. Van said.

Science and technology are keys

In order to conquer new heights in the industry, Viet-Uc has determined that it was necessary to have a methodical approach, focusing on key aspects. It is to focus on seed development, because the breed decides over 55% of a crop's success. The Corporation has cooperated with many large strategic partners such as CSIRO (Australia), Benchmark Holding JSC (U.K), Can Tho University and Nha Trang University to continuously implement research programs of breeding white leg shrimp. Viet-Uc is the first and only unit in Vietnam that can be self-sufficient in the supply of white leg shrimp parents. With the application of modern methods of genetic numbers and molecular genetics, the Corporation has created G9 generation of white leg shrimp broodstock with an average growth rate 48% higher than G0 generation. This is a very important factor to be able to produce quality shrimp seeds not only with high resistance, but also having ability to adapt to the soil and climate conditions of each locality. Especially, in 2018, for the first time in Vietnam, the Corporation's shrimp hatchery has been officially granted the Certificate of production facility meeting the standards of disease safety as recommended by the World Organization for Animal health (OIE).

Viet-Uc has established high quality shrimp production complexes which are applied in each segment, from broodstock, shrimp seed, feed, super intensive commercial shrimp in greenhouses to consumer dining tables. High-tech intensive shrimp farming area in greenhouses is invested and built with modern technology from Israel.

To ensure a safe and non-polluted environment, the Corporation has invested in modern circulating water treatment systems of the U.S and Netherlands. Accordingly, the water used for shrimp farming will be treated in 3 steps, including an empty filtration system (with this system, shrimp manure and uneaten feed will be removed from the culture system through automatic filtration system), UV water treatment system (water after going through the empty filter system will be completely disinfected by UV lamp system) and finally the waste water will be bio-filtered by MBBR technology (latest technology in the field of wastewater treatment). With this technology, water sources in shrimp ponds can be reused for up to 10 years, helping to limit the amount of wastewater discharged into the environment. For shrimp feed, Viet-Uc has cooperated with CSIRO to successfully research a shrimp-only feed by Novacq technology (using marine microorganisms to replace fish meal, helping shrimp grow 25-40% faster than traditional food). Especially the feeding of shrimp does not require caregivers but is conducted automatically by the system.

Through positive application of high technology, Viet-Uc has provided stable shrimp production for the Vietnam shrimp industry with a source of strictly controlled quality products, bringing profit to shrimp farmers. At the same time, it helps the Vietnamese shrimp brand not only gain reputation in the domestic market but also in many fastidious markets in the world.