Many Initiatives and Solutions in Public Administration Reform

9:49:45 AM | 27/10/2020

After 10 years of carrying out the Public Administration Reform (PAR) Master Program, Vinh Phuc province’s PAR has positively progressed in all fields. The province has applied the document and administrative management software at 176 local administrative agencies, including 40 provincial departments and district-level people’s committees, which are sending and receiving documents through the Local Government Service Platform (LGSP) of the province or the central government. The province has granted over 1,355 specialized digital certificates. The rate of digitally signed documents has reached over 95%. Vinh Phuc's public service portal has integrated 378 online public services.

The awareness of public employees of PAR has been raised much higher than before. Their spirit, attitude and sense of responsibility at work has been enhanced. Material foundations and equipment have been invested methodically and synchronously.

Administrative procedures are simplified, publicized and completed to help organizations and citizens to spend less time to work with administrative agencies, thus helping improve the relationship between the government with people and businesses.

Therefore, all PAR targets all fulfilled and exceeded targets stated in Resolution 30c/NQ-CP of the Government and Resolution 60/NQ-HDND of the Provincial People's Council. All indicators of the province are always ranked high among provinces and cities, including Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI), the Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) and the Satisfaction Index of Public Administrative Services (SIPAS).

In particular, Vinh Phuc has adopted many initiatives and solutions to reform administrative procedures like applying Zalo application for people and organizations to look up and notify status and result of administrative procedure settlement; coordinating with the Vinh Phuc Post Office to interconnect the “public administrative single-window software” and “EMS express delivery software” for reception and registration of document transfer services at the Vinh Phuc Public Administrative Service Center; transfer of the emulation and commendation funds to awarded collectives and individuals into their bank accounts, reducing the time for settling emulation administrative procedures from 25 days to 12 days, 13 days fewer than the time limit set by central authorities.

Every year, Vinh Phuc province conducts surveys on public satisfaction of public services. These surveys show that public satisfaction of public services is over 80%. In 2017, the SIPAS Index was 95.75%, ranking first among 63 provinces and cities. It was 88.2% in 2018, ranking No. 13 and 83.37%, ranking No. 11 in 2019. 

The province applies shared application software (horizontally and vertically across the province, districts and communes) at single-window divisions at all levels. In addition, from 2015 to present, the province’s PAR Index Appraisal Council has appraised and recognized 157 outstanding initiatives filed by agencies, units and localities. 

Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, said, Vinh Phuc province has focused on institutional reform such as building and improving legal documents to enhance the performance of State agencies; further promoted law propagation, dissemination and education; regularly supervised, inspected and reviewed legal normative documents and other documents to match practice and law. 

The province has well controlled administrative procedures, publicized administrative procedures, fees, charges, time and status of administrative procedures; improved quality and efficiency of inter-agency single-window mechanism; effectively applied single-window software at public administration divisions at provincial, district and commune levels; and fostered the application of online public services of Level 3 and Level 4. 

In particular, the province has continued to study and arrange agencies and units in accordance with the Government's regulations and the guidance of central authorities; and continued to review and streamline the performance of public non-business units. Each agency, unit, locality, branch and sector must ensure that, by 2021, public non-business units will be reduced by at least 10% as compared to 2015, and at least 10% more by 2025 as compared to 2021. Underperforming units will be removed. The operation of non-business economic, service, education and health units will be converted.

To modernize the administration, Vinh Phuc province has clearly determined to complete the electronic information portal system of administrative agencies and localities; effectively apply ISO quality management standards to administrative work; build a public employee data information system; increase investment in facilities, equipment and information technology, and effectively apply updated software for single-window divisions at all levels. 

 Source: Vietnam Business Forum


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