Technokom JSC Affirming the Class and Prestige of a Vietnamese Brand

1:11:19 PM | 2/3/2021

Technokom Joint Stock Company manufactures motorbike parts and mechanical parts for domestic supporting industries as well as for export. The company aims to become one of the most reputable auto and motorbike parts suppliers in Vietnam.  Mr. Dinh Xuan Son, General Director of Technokom Joint Stock Company, gives an interview to Vietnam Business Forum. Duy Binh reports.

Could you please briefly introduce some outstanding results of Technokom in the past time?

During a decade of development and construction, Technokom always believes that businesses must constantly improve technology for sustainable development. Since its inception, Technokom has promoted the business philosophy of honesty and transparency in all transactions, the unity in working principles, and the supply of components and spare parts of high quality and stable reasonable prices and maintained production progress and delivery to meet maximum requirements and bring satisfaction to customers. Thus, Technokom has obtained achievements to be proud of in business and governance.

In business: From the outset, Technokom defined itself as a true manufacturer and supplier of parts for large corporations such as Honda and Yamaha. Technokom's products are present in most Honda motorcycle brands such as SH, SH Mode or economy models like Wave and Super Dream. In addition, Technokom's products are also exported to Europe and the United States. In the past years, Technokom is proud to have become a reputable supplier of automobile and motorcycle components and accessories. The company has about 450 employees.

In governance: Technokom built the IATF 16949 system and operated it from 2019. By September 2020, we were officially certified by Bureau Veritas. This proved that our employees are competent to operate under the automobile quality management system.

Technokom is also one of 25 excellent enterprises selected among hundreds of candidates for the second phase of the SDP Project (the first supplier development program in Vietnam), carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in coordination with the International Financial Corporation/World Bank Group (IFC/WB). In the mechanical industry, only five companies were among 25 chosen companies for this program. Technokom continuously invested in specialized equipment such as pressing machines and pressing molds and automatic welding robots to improve productivity and product quality and reduce prices for customers.

In human resource development strategy, the focus is to train young engineers to be capable of developing new products, solving technical and technological difficulties, designing and manufacturing molds to make sophisticated products of higher added value; enhancing productivity and reducing product costs.

So, what development directions will Technokom follow in the coming time?

To keep up with current integration and competition trends, Technokom worked out specific strategic development directions for the coming time like increasing the share of exported products and developing new customers in which we highly appreciate connectivity and support programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade; increasing investment in technology equipment to improve production capacity and diversify products; strengthening the development of human resources in management and technical expertise for higher technology and management levels; building the foundation of corporate culture; consolidating the company's management and operations in compliance with the global system.

With the people-centered policy and a professional management system, how has Technokom cared about human training and corporate culture construction?

The people-centered perspective has been defined by the company leadership since its inception and strengthened during Technokom's development. Therefore, in its resources development policy, human resource development is a prerequisite factor in every action plan of Technokom. We have synchronously carried out human resource development training programs and corporate culture development as follows:

Corporate culture: Clearly defining the mission, vision and core values of the Company, taking the foundation of "Position" and "Made in Vietnam Lean Management" of Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh; and creating tangible and intangible cultural values that each employee is understood through proper implementation of new recruit training, daily business, cultural and sports activities, tourism programs, year-end sum-ups and unionist activities.

Employee training policy: Internal training and external training are always fostered by the needs of each department and each position. Thereby, we clearly define training needs through competence assessment according to competence framework and job requirements. Training programs are built according to the hierarchy to make sure that employees understand their own career roadmap and constantly strive for it at work.

External training program: In 2020, Technokom collaborated with the Industry Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) and the World Bank (WB) to train managerial personnel and carry out SPC and VSM programs. To have a comprehensive view of business activities, Technokom had management training programs taught by Japanese experts or lean production programs by P&Q’s local experts.

Internal training program: Technokom organized training sessions on pressing technology and welding technology for middle managers. Every month, employee performance is gauged to grasp work quality to define retraining programs for work requirements.

Does Vietnam have appropriate policies and mechanisms to develop supporting industries?

In the past time, supporting industries have been assigned priority for development by the Party and the government. With the introduction of Government Decree 111/2015/ND-CP dated November 3, 2015 on development of supporting industries and related policy documents, the legal system for supporting industry development is increasingly completed to foster the growth of supporting industries. Specifically, the quantity and quality of Vietnamese supporting industry companies have been markedly improved. Industrial parts meet domestic demand and are exported to many countries around the world. Some domestic parts manufacturers are actively using modern management tools in production to meet international standards and become vendors for multinational corporations.

However, Vietnam's supporting industries still have shortcomings, limitations and new problems. Carrying out incentive and support policies is still problematic, inconsistent and unstable. Processing and manufacturing industry is prioritized for development, including electronics, mechanical engineering, automobile, textile, garment and footwear in order to create markets for industrial parts. Domestic industrial parts are simple, medium and low in technology, resulting in low value. The self-supply of industrial parts is still inadequate. The trade deficit of raw materials, components and spare parts is high, the industrial localization rate is low.

To clear policy setbacks; improve the investment and business environment, attract investment fund redirected by multinational corporations; and facilitate industrial manufacturing and processing companies to develop and enhance their competitiveness, on August 6, 2020, the Government issued Resolution 115/NQ-CP on supporting industry development with many policies expected to create a strong boost to the development of supporting, processing and manufacturing industries. I hope that, in the coming time, Vietnamese supporting industries will develop more strongly.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum