Great Efforts for Better PCI, Better Business Service

9:55:21 AM | 17/3/2021

Leaders of Ninh Thuan Provincial People's Committee, affirmed that businesses play an important role in local economic development. The performance of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) and the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) will be the foundation for the government at all levels to look at the quality of their macroeconomic governance. Therefore, Ninh Thuan is making efforts every day for better PCI ranking and better business service.

Raising business satisfaction

Looking back on its PCI results over the years, from the outstanding performance seen in 2012 when it climbed to No. 18 out of 63 provinces and cities in the PCI rankings, Ninh Thuan province faced certain disappointments of the business community, evidenced by the drop in PCI rankings. With their ongoing endeavors for a better outcome, in recent years, provincial leaders overcame numerous difficulties, gradually identified bottlenecks, readily shared with and listened to ideas of local enterprises to seek the best solutions. All this aimed to enhance business satisfaction and build business trust and partnership. As a result, in 2019, the province's PCI rose 2.68 points to score 64.89 (compared with 62.21 points in 2018), ranking No. 37, six places higher than a year earlier, to stand among middle localities. Five component indexes scored higher and increased in rankings: Market entry (+37 places), time cost (+5 places), informal cost (+6 places), dynamism of the provincial government (+21 places) and labor training (+2 places). Two indices increased in score but slid in rankings: Fair competition (-6 places), and legal institutions and security order (-1 place). One index declined in score but climbed in standing: Business support services (+13 places).

These results came from the province’s clear definition of tasks assigned to specific departments, agencies and localities. The province holds monthly business dialogues to support and seek solutions to emerging hardships faced by local enterprises. Ninh Thuan also attaches much importance to administrative reform to significantly reduce time and cost for services handled at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center; and accelerates information technology application to executive direction. At the same time, the province focuses on human resources factors, and pays attention to worker training to meet enterprises recruitment demand. As a result, Ninh Thuan's business and investment environment has been significantly improved and become a driving force for the province to further lift up PCI and DCCI in 2020 and beyond.

Active to make breakthroughs

In fact, not only Ninh Thuan but many other localities across the country have certain "bottlenecks" concerning credit access, administrative procedures relating to investment registration, site clearance, land lease, construction, business development cooperation, investment policies, and business support. To sharpen its competitive edge, Ninh Thuan introduced many support policies to enable businesses to deal with hardships and build a good investment environment. The responsibility and accountability of agency leaders is very important, as they are serious, focused and responsible to elevate PCI and DCCI performance. The province has also concentrated on training and raising awareness, ethics, culture and responsibility of public employees.

DDCI and PCI are closely reciprocal. In order to make a breakthrough in PCI improvement, Ninh Thuan must be, first of all, active and flexible in handling issues based on the current economic context. It must publicly disclose legal documents and administrative settlement results with respect to enterprises. With the highest determination and effort of all-tiers of authorities of the province, the PCI and DDCI are expected to make positive progress in the coming time.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum