Prioritizing High-quality Human Resource Development

9:28:45 AM | 12/11/2021

Vinh Phuc province has prioritized its resources for human development, including solutions to create significant breakthroughs in personnel quality improvement.

Applying focused solutions for better human resources has significantly improved training quality and industry structure to better meet recruitment needs of local enterprises and labor market, importantly contributed to socioeconomic development; increased the rate of trained workers and the PCI Labor Training Index; attracted investors to Vinh Phuc; and maintained stability and social order, raised incomes and life quality for workers.

In the last five years, Vinh Phuc has recruited 142,226 new trainees, including 5,764 at the college level, 26,878 at the intermediate level, and 109,584 at the basic level. The rate of trained workers was hence raised from 74.2% in 2019 to 76.1% in 2020, of which 33.4% were certified. Besides, in pilot training transfer programs (with Australia, Germany and France), Vinh Phuc has joined five occupations: Industrial Electronics (86 students); Automotive Technology (38 students); Metal Cutting (36 students); Electricity (20 students) and Welding (34 students). In addition, the province has 236 students attending high-quality training programs.

Moreover, vocational training facilities and equipment have been put in place for the modernization by Vinh Phuc and planned vocational training networks by sector and by region. In the last five years, Vinh Phuc has invested VND176.451 billion in training equipment for vocational training facilities, including VND44 billion from the central budget and VND132,451 billion from the local budget. The Vinh Phuc province-based vocational training network is relatively diverse in training types, qualifications and professions. Enrollment and training at all levels are flexibly diversified for vocational training. Teachers have increased both in number and in quality and gradually standardized.

In the coming time, Vinh Phuc province will reform and make transformational changes in the number of trainees, training quality and effectiveness; develop a vocational training system with different training methods and levels, especially high-quality training to better meet employment demands; help improve labor productivity, growth quality, and economic competitiveness in the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and international integration. At the same time, the province will develop human resources with an appropriate structure of qualifications and occupations for local socio-economic development requirements.

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum