Hai Duong Province: Flexible Adaptation, Breakthrough Growth

9:58:35 AM | 9/3/2022

To “actively, flexibly overcome difficulties and accelerate growth" in 2021, Hai Duong province persistently carried out the "dual goal" of preventing the COVID-19 epidemic and restoring and developing the economy and achieved many important results to lay a stronger foundation for it to make efforts for “flexible adaptation and breakthrough growth” in 2022. Mr. Trieu The Hung, Chairman of Hai Duong Provincial People's Committee, gives us an interview on this matter.

Despite facing numerous difficulties in 2021, Hai Duong province was always determined to prevent the epidemic and restore and develop the economy, and achieved many impressive results. Could you introduce some remarkable results?

In 2021, Hai Duong faced numerous difficulties when the third wave of the COVID-19 broke out in the province. Facing this serious challenge, the all-level Party and authorities of Hai Duong province were resolute to fight against the epidemic and actively, creatively, drastically and effectively adopt innovative measures to continue manufacturing activity and gradually contain the epidemic outbreak. During the 4th epidemic wave, the province also carefully weighed up the time of applying Directive 16 of the Government to minimize material and human loss. The effort of the whole political system and the solidarity and joint effort of all classes of people helped prevent the spread of COVID-19 and boost economic development.

Right from the beginning of 2021, Hai Duong was aware of a hard year when it had to overcome difficulties to speed up growth and that spirit was strongly promoted. In the first three months, its GRDP experienced negative growth. After six months, the GRDP expanded only 3.9%. But, in the last six months, Hai Duong made a breakthrough and achieved impressive results: 11 out of 14 key targets reached and exceeded their plans; GRDP increased by 8.6% (higher than the plan of 8%); agricultural - forestry - fishery production value reached VND20,717 billion, up 6.8% over 2020; industrial - construction production value reached VND287,540 billion, up 10.7% compared to 2020; total retail sales and service revenue expanded by 7.1% over 2020; and budget revenue climbed to VND20,812 billion, 60% higher than the plan.

These results were of great significance as they reinforced confidence and motivation for the Party, the government and people of the province to firmly overcome the epidemic and achieve the highest development goals in 2022 and subsequent years.

What are the goals and tasks set for local governments in 2022?

In 2022, Hai Duong enjoyed advantages when resolutions and action programs of the 17th Provincial Party Congress, with their viewpoints, goals and actions expressing its aspiration to advance further, spread strongly. But challenges are also posed to the province when the COVID-19 epidemic is still very complicated and potentially dangerous since the province also has to deal with many development "bottlenecks" such as slow economic restructuring, small economic size, low competitiveness and budgetary balance. This requires all levels of authority and sectors to solve their problems; and work out plans to mobilize and use resources to a maximum. This also requires quick adaptation of investors, producers and traders.

Setting the theme “Flexible adaptation, breakthrough growth” for 2022, the province set out 16 key indicators, including seven economic indicators: GRDP growth of 10%; the investment capital to GRDP ratio of 35%; domestic budget revenue growth of 10%; agricultural production value of VND185 million per hectare of cultivated land; 6.2 more communes to meet advanced new countryside standards; and enterprise growth of 15%. In order to successfully achieve these goals, the province will carry out the following consistent tasks and solutions:

One, developing and planning the effective implementation of programs and projects to execute resolutions of the Party Congress at all levels in the 2020-2025 term.

Two, actively controlling, flexibly and safely adapting to the COVID-19 epidemic; scaling up vaccination against COVID-19 to soon achieve herd immunity; successfully carrying out the dual goals of preventing, combating and controlling the epidemic and promoting socioeconomic development.

Three, effectively implementing the Hai Duong Master Plan for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050; directing district/city planning adjustments like land planning and urban planning; mobilizing all available resources for key projects and programs, especially transport infrastructure projects, in order to expand development space.

Four, drawing more FDI investment funds; supporting businesses to remove difficulties; speeding up and completing infrastructure construction for six industrial parks and 20 industrial complexes; asking the Government for including four industrial zones to the National Industrial Park Plan and for establishing a dynamic industrial zone directed towards an economic zone (10,000 ha) to tap local potential and strengths to create a long-term sustainable revenue source.

Five, carrying out the motto “Siding with enterprises, regarding business development as provincial development”; focusing on improving the business environment, enhancing provincial competitiveness; and stepping up site clearance.

Six, implementing solutions to increase state budget revenue; restructuring budget expenditure by reducing recurrent expenditure, increasing investment, mobilizing maximum resources for development investment; accelerating investment socialization in health and education; and strengthening state management with post-investment projects.

Seven, accelerating digital transformation in government construction, administrative reform, digital economy development, digital society construction. Focus is placed on digital transformation for e-commerce, agricultural product consumption, and in land and mineral management.

Eight, renewing education and training, promoting cultural values, and building the identity of Hai Duong people. Focus is attached to human resource development solutions to meet local development needs.

Nine, maintaining political security, social order and safety; performing inspection of public reception; handling complaints; synchronously and effectively carrying out anti corruption solutions and practice thrift.

The tasks in 2022 are very heavy but, with the determination, unanimity and effort of the Party, authorities and people, Hai Duong is confident of achieving all goals and tasks.

How are all tiers of authorities understanding and applying the effort to make breakthroughs in “Improving the investment and business climate and enhancing the provincial competitiveness" as per the Resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress and Resolution 08-NQ/TW dated August 19/ 2021 of the Hai Duong Provincial Party Committee for better investment and business environment and provincial competitiveness in 2021-2025?

The Resolution of the 17th Hai Duong Provincial Party Congress defined improving the investment and business environment and enhancing competitiveness as one of three breakthrough stages for development in the 2020-2025 term. This is a central and cross-cutting task for all levels and branches of authority and localities. On this basis, the Hai Duong Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 08-NQ/TW dated August 19, 2021 for better investment and business environment and provincial competitiveness in 2021-2025. By 2025, Hai Duong will become one of 20 best PCI performers, have 15% more new enterprises every year in 2021 - 2025, and raise the investment to GRDP ratio to an average of 35.4%.

In order to realize these goals, the Provincial People's Committee launched Plan 300/KH-UBNB on January 28, 2022. The committee required concerned agencies to base on their tasks and goals stated in the resolution to work out and carry out specific plans, assign responsible persons, and make periodic reports on implementation outcomes to the Provincial People's Committee. In fact, improving the investment and business environment and enhancing provincial competitiveness is both an urgent and long-term task that requires radical perspectives and approaches.

In the current context, this work and PCI improvement are under great pressure. However, each level of Party and government needs to make a candid assessment, point out limitations, inadequacies and negative manifestations in settlement of administrative procedures with respect to investment and business, associate responsibility and accountability of work to officials and public employees to raise their work performance. I personally believe that Hai Duong will successfully fulfill all goals with respect to improving the business investment environment and enhancing the provincial competitiveness.

By Vietnam Business Forum