Entrepreneur Pham Van Duc: Prestige Placed on Top

11:02:19 AM | 16/3/2022

Although he was not deeply trained in fisheries, with his self-study, passion for work and desire to make something significant for society, Mr. Pham Van Duc has built for himself a modern high-quality shrimp seed producer and made Nam Phu Hung a prestigious brand in the market.

Mr. Pham Van Duc

Nam Phu Hung Seafood Production and Service Co., Ltd is located in Hamlet 12, Vinh Hau A commune, Hoa Binh district, Bac Lieu province where the company has a 3-ha shrimp seed production facility with 45 hatchery ponds of 6 cubic meters. Its main products are M9 black tiger shrimp, white-leg shrimp, all-male CP giant freshwater prawn and super-fast growing CPF-MACRO shrimp. Broodstocks are imported directly from CP Group of Thailand and reproduced according to the biotechnology process, using 100% of fresh algae.

Director Pham Van Duc said, the company always aims to provide best seeds because quality is not only prestige and business ethics, but also key to success or failure of customers.

“For shrimp farming, seed quality is key to success or failure in production,” he added.

Given such importance of quality, many disqualified facilities are however supplying shrimp seeds for farmers, resulting in poor quality of shrimps. For that reason, Nam Phu Hung Seafood Production and Service Co., Ltd has cooperated with CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company to introduce "Super-growth CPF TURBO-M9 black tiger shrimp line” to farmers.

He said this shrimp line is domesticated and selected by Thailand's CP Group. This species is featured fast growth, strong resistance, zero disease, high quality and uniform size, thus bring higher economic value to farmers. The “Super Growth CPF: TURBO-M9” black tiger shrimp has a 30-day faster growth time than current black tiger shrimp species. About nine heads of shrimp, aged 5-6 months, make a kilo, thus bringing in very high economic value.

In addition, Nam Phu Hung Seafood Production and Service Co., Ltd supplies CPF-MACRO super-fast giant freshwater shrimps to farmers. This shrimp line is characterized by strong resistance, fast growth and high survival rate. The Mekong Delta is a good living environment for it.

Mr. Pham Van Duc said: My company is very proud to import CPF:TURBO-M9 black tiger shrimp and CPF-MACRO super-fast giant freshwater shrimp from CP Group of Thailand, distributed by CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company. Especially, TURBO-M9 is considered a breakthrough in terms of quality that meets urgent needs of farmers for disease-free, fast-growing and uniform-sized shrimp seeds. This breed is disease-free, fast-growing, free of antibiotics, and has the highest survival rate - definitely satisfying all farmers. As a partner of CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company, our company always places credibility above all, holds responsibility to customers, and never makes profit from poor-quality products."

With the desire to providing the market with quality shrimp seeds, Nam Phu Hung Seafood Production and Service Co., Ltd will develop more shrimp production areas with 800 ponds of 8 cubic meters in the Bac Lieu Hi-tech Agricultural Park in 2022 to produce high-quality shrimp seeds, he said, explaining that the move to the Hi-Tech Agricultural Park will help the company expand the scale and use more effective methods to strengthen its brand and long-term development.

In addition, Mr. Pham Van Duc expressed his enthusiasm for the development orientation based on five pillars of Bac Lieu province and wished to make a certain contribution to the province’s goals. “Bac Lieu, with a 56-km coastline, has great potential to develop aquaculture. I will propose the province launch some more projects, especially sea surface rents, for aquaculture projects, hence creating more jobs for workers and added value for the province,” he noted.

By Vietnam Business Forum