Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd - Prestigious Supplier of Building Materials and Interior Decorations

9:41:30 AM | 22/7/2020

Taking prestige and honesty as a compass, and taking quality and customer satisfaction as a foundation for development, Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co. Ltd has continuously grown from a small business household into one of the prestigious suppliers of construction materials and interior decorations in Bac Lieu and many provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta.

Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd is headquartered at 586 National Highway 1A, Hoa Binh Town, Hoa Binh District, Bac Lieu Province, and its Branch - Showroom is located at 178A Tran Huynh Street, Bac Lieu City. The company has more than 20 years of experience in trading construction materials and interior decorations.

The company is a reliable partner of well-known domestic and foreign interior decoration brands such as ZACS, NPG, Viglacera, Y My, Nova, Inax, Dolacera, Taicera, Vicera, Bach Ma, Dong Tam, Toto, etc. It supplies a wide range of products like sanitary ware, interior and exterior tiles, corrugated iron, water paint. Its other outstanding products include corrugated iron, purlin, grid B40 and zinc iron, terior tiles, corrugated iron, water paint and many other materials.

Treasuring prestige and honesty as a guideline in business and upholding the business principle “Best products - professional service - competitive prices - constant update to latest models - a professional, enthusiastic consulting team,” Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd is truly trusted by customers and partners.

Director Vo Bao Tran said, the company always places prestige and honesty in business above everything and never sells poor-quality products for more profit. Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd only supplies a wide range of branded quality products of competitive prices from famous domestic and foreign manufacturers for customers.

In addition, Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd pays much attention to building a professional sales team, not only ethical but also knowledgeable. They clearly understand construction materials and interior decorations to advise customers on optimal solutions.

“On behalf of the company, I would like to express my sincere thanks to customers and partners who have supported us in the past time. In response to customer and partner sentiment, Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd will continue to renovate and improve service quality for customers,” she added.

She added that, to anticipate development of Bac Lieu and other provinces in the region, Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd will continue to invest in developing more professional and modern showrooms, and diversify products to be a reliable partner for people, businesses and investors.

Not only being a prestigious enterprise, Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd, founded by entrepreneur Ta Kim Sau, is always a responsible company to customers, community and society. The company has carried out a lot of social charitable activities in the area.

Compared with many other businesses in the province, the business scale of Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd is still modest. But this is not a reason for her to be self-deprecating or cowering. On the contrary, she is very sociable, hardworking and passionate about charity. She often joins philanthropic events launched by local organizations and authorities.

With the brand foundation, business ethics and founder's experience, combined with dynamism and creativity of young entrepreneur Vo Bao Tran, Minh Tien Bac Lieu Co., Ltd will surely continue to be further developed and achieve more success.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum