VNPT Bac Lieu Ready to Pioneer for "Real Life"

12:04:10 PM | 7/5/2019

With wide coverage from urban to rural areas, Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Bac Lieu (VNPT Bac Lieu) is proud to bring telecommunications products and services closer, to be more familiar and useful for the community. In order to fulfill the responsibility as “The leading telecommunication service provider", VNPT Bac Lieu will continue to have outstanding directions, offering superior and convenient products for real life.

Building solid telecommunications infrastructure

VNPT Bac Lieu in particular and Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group in general have gradually built up solid and modern telecommunications infrastructure. From a modern and extensive network, providing the most telecommunications services in Bac Lieu, so far, Vinaphone's mobile service has accounted for 60% market share, broadband internet accounts for over 50% of market share, television services equivalent to about 40% market share in the whole province. With the largest number of BTSs in the area, Vinaphone’s mobile signal covers all residential areas and the whole province, ensured no dead spots. With fiber-optic technical infrastructure meeting wide standards in FTTx interner access service; 100% opticalized transmission lines enhancing data transmission flow, VNPT ensures internet subscribers can operate smoothly. Especially VNPT is the only unit managing the specialized data transmission network for Party and State agencies. The network has been designed and built independently of the public network, and at the same time has had strict management and control of experts from VNPT and the Central Post Office. These help to ensure the security of the network system of Party and government agencies. “With the above features, it is necessary to extend the service to the commune level. Thereby, it will facilitate the information transmission of the Party and the State from the provincial level to the commune level through the application of information technology (IT),” said Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Deputy Director cum Director of VNPT Business Service Center.

As industrial revolution 4.0 is taking place more and more strongly, the application of IT in all key areas (administrative management, public service provision) is extremely urgent. Specifically, the unit has also received many valuable credits from the government for effective implementation in the field of health sector management, using IT in the process of visiting, examining and resolving administrative procedures to save time for people and doctors. VNPT has also put many applications into Bac Lieu province for many years to serve schools, students and parents, establishing basis for data formation for Vietnam Education Network with the ability to handle large data from schools. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the success in the electronic bill service and VNPT -CA digital signature.”


VNPT has been moving from a simple telecom service provider to a telecom service company providing digital services. With more and more advanced service features, well-trained human resources are urgently needed and prioritized by the unit. Not only that, in order to meet the expectation of the authorities and public, the units have also constantly encouraged staff to research and develop application software suitable to customers' needs. In the coming time, the unit will also continue to promote personal television services (MyTV) providing excellent domestic and international television channels. In addition to the standard SD (Standard Definition) TV channels, MyTV will provide TV channels with excellent picture and sound quality in HD (High Definition) standard. Besides, VNPT will focus on its outstanding product, which is the family package, an unique offer Vietnam integrating voice calls - Mobile data sharing - Optical fiber Internet - Television, bringing full technology and comfortable life.

With the desire to complete the mission "Transporting the message of joy, prosperity to all parts of the country", VNPT Bac Lieu needs the authorities to provide licenses in order to promptly execute works like drain and tank routes, planting new concrete columns for fiber optic cables, putting cable routes underground to embellish urban areas with greener - clean - beautiful conditions. For the "internal force" factor, the unit will be interested in arranging and organizing apparatus in accordance with the restructuring model of the Group and TCT of Telecommunications Services, ready to deploy proficient employees into appropriate positions to fully exploit staff capacity. VNPT also tries to create conditions for employees to participate in training courses on sales skills, new sales methods (online sales, telesales), training through online E-learning. VNPT Bac Lieu has also actively changed the payment method according to Vinaphone's model based on the 3Ps evaluation method, monthly BSC implementation results, local revenue and the volume of products and services achieved by each individual; to socialize the sales channel through hiring sales collaborators, signing sales agency contracts (currently there are 1200 selling points, 150 collaborators).

In 2019, VNPT Bac Lieu strives to increase revenue by at least 10% over the same period, (in which IT service revenue increases by 40% over the same period), the average income of employees increases at least 7% over the same period, completing and exceeding the target of the State budget plan. VNPT wants to ensure 4G coverage of at least 98% of the province and 3G covering 100%. VNPT expects to cover 100% of optical cable network in urban areas and residential areas. The company strives to achieve 70% or more of fiber optic network usage by the end of 2019, the network will meet the new development needs of 15,000 MyTV subscribers and 100% of customers' demand for fixed broadband internet in urban areas and residential clusters in rural areas. VNPT also focuses on potential services such as Smart City solution, Video conferencing service, pharmacy management (VNPT Pharmacy) and VNPT CA digital signature.