Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Reliable Destinations for Investors

10:37:47 AM | 19/11/2020

Possessing abundant and diverse economic development advantages, Bac Lieu province has become increasingly attractive investors and its industrial parks are trusted and chosen by many domestic and foreign investors as their business destinations. The following is the interview with Mr. Vuong Tuan Tai, Director of the Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority. Thanh Tung reports.

Could you please briefly introduce operations of the Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority as well as the overall development and investment attraction in the province?

The Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority, established under the Prime Minister’s Decision 548/QD-TTg dated May 7, 2007, manages industrial parks and economic zones, and provides public administrative services and other support services related to investment, production and business activities of tenants in industrial parks and economic zones in Bac Lieu province.

Currently, Bac Lieu province has two industrial parks (Tra Kha and Lang Tram) in the National Industrial Park Development Plan to 2020. Tra Kha Industrial Park, covering 65 ha (49.38 ha of rentable industrial land), mainly attracts garment, leather footwear, electrics and electronics, beverage, agricultural processing, construction materials and other environment-friendly industries. To date, the infrastructure system in industrial parks has basically been completely invested. Construction is being carried out on the centralized wastewater treatment system. As of October 2020, Tra Kha Industrial Park granted investment licenses to 23 projects which registered to invest VND1,679.33 billion and leased 45.895 ha out of 49.38 ha of rentable area, reaching the occupancy rate of 92.94%. Among licensed projects, 16 have been put into operation, five are installing equipment, and two are under construction.

Lang Tram Industrial Park, covering 94.19 ha (63.33 ha of leasable industrial land), mainly attracts seafood processing industry and supporting services for aquaculture and commercial fishing. Currently, the industrial park is calling for infrastructure developers to build infrastructure for secondary investors.

In addition to Tra Kha and Lang Tram, Bac Lieu planned to build 257-ha Ninh Quoi Industrial Park to attract more investors.

Would you tell us investment support and incentives the province offers to businesses and investors to further improve the effect of investment attraction in industrial parks?

According to investment laws, Bac Lieu province-based industrial parks are located in socially and economically difficult areas.  Thus, tenants in industrial parks are entitled to best investment incentives and support under the law. Specifically, they will be entitled to support and preferences of land rent, corporate income tax, import and export tax applied to companies doing business in socially and economically difficult areas.

In addition, the Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority and other competent agencies also support investors and enterprises to fulfil administrative procedures (concerning investment, land, construction, environment, labor and other aspects) under the single-window mechanism at the Provincial Public Administrative Service Center. The authority has also seriously reformed administrative procedures to facilitate businesses and investors when they carry out administrative procedures in order to further enhance local competitiveness and investment and business climate. At the same time, it has focused on supporting businesses, regularly meeting them to learn about their feedback and recommendations and promptly solving matters within its jurisdiction and forwarding matters beyond its competence to relevant authorities.

With the motto "We are ready to serve you", the Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority always facilitates and supports businesses and investors from the time they prepare investment projects to the time they run their business.

What is the development direction of industrial parks in Bac Lieu in the coming time?

We will complete cooperation construction investment project in Tra Kha Industrial Park in 2020. At the same time, we will accelerate the construction and operation of the centralized wastewater treatment system in this industrial park in 2021. In addition to calling for more investors to lease out the rentable land in Tra Kha Industrial Park, the Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority will invite developers to construct and operate the infrastructure system in Lang Tram Industrial Park to provide the business space for secondary investors. This industrial park will selectively attract investors with projects that match the province’s development conditions and plans. It will give priority to projects using modern advanced green technologies. Industrial park development is in line with environmental protection and accommodation development for workers.

At the same time, the Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority will ask competent authorities to add Ninh Quoi Industrial Park to the National Industrial Park Development Plan; continue to speed up administrative reforms by simplifying procedures and reducing the time needed to complete administrative procedures; actively adopt solutions to improve the business and investment environment; and provide the most favorable conditions for businesses in the spirit of the Government's Resolution 35/NQ-CP dated May 16, 2016 and Directive 26/CT-TTg dated June 6, 2017 of the Prime Minister. The authority will carry out the Regulation on coordination in managing local industrial parks according to Decision 03/2018/QD-UBND dated January 17, 2018 of the Provincial People's Committee.  The decision says, "The Bac Lieu Industrial Parks Authority is an agency that performs direct State administration of industrial parks, a lead contact agency that is responsible for coordinating with related departments, agencies and District People's Committees to work under the single-window mechanism with relevant agencies".

Source: Vietnam Business Forum