Actively Containing Pandemic, Taking Care of Human Health

9:16:53 AM | 17/3/2022

Actively preventing pandemics; investing for better healthcare service; and raising the sense of responsibility and service attitude of health workers are key tasks of the health sector of Bac Lieu province in 2022.

To fight against the complicated COVID-19 pandemic, with the active support and timely leadership of the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee; the close coordination and assistance of provincial departments, branches, mass organizations; and especially the direct direction of the Provincial People's Committee in investing resources in the health sector, human healthcare was further developed.

Right from the beginning of 2021, the Department of Health developed and implemented the healthcare plan and assigned tasks to its affiliates to achieve planned targets; built and launched plans for medical examination and treatment, preventive medicine, nursing, rehabilitation and traditional medicine. In particular, the Department of Health actively advised the Provincial People's Committee and the Provincial Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control to implement effective pandemic prevention and control solutions; ensured chemicals, medical supplies and protective clothing for pandemic prevention and control.

On COVID-19 vaccination rollout, by December 19, 2021, the province vaccinated 1,354,796 doses, including for adults: 563,743 first doses (98.46%), 546,230 second doses (95.40%) and 73,386 third doses (12.82%); for people aged 12 to 17 years: 87,981 first doses (96.87%) and 83,456 second doses (91.89%).

In addition, common infectious diseases decreased from 2020. Influenza slumped 26.6%; mumps fell 87%; chickenpox dropped 18.9%; and measles retreated 69.9%.

The administration of the Department of Health is quite close and consistent with its tasks. All leaders and employees are very enthusiastic, passionate and eager to overcome difficulties to fulfill disease prevention and control tasks and take care of people’s health. Engaged by the entire political system to prevent and control diseases and timely and effectively supported in human resources, equipment, and medical supplies by the Ministry of Health and higher hospitals, and financially and physically assisted by organizations and individuals across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic was actually controlled.

In 2022, the health sector will aim to closely monitor and control the emergence of the new strain Omicron of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the province; actively prevent and contain dangerous infectious diseases, detect pandemic outbreaks early and check them promptly. The sector will strive to reduce the incidence of the pandemic in the community and minimize disability and mortality from non-communicable diseases.

The sector will intensify communications on Party policies and State laws on health to Party committees, authorities and sociopolitical organizations at all levels to create a social environment of consensus, coordination and support for the health sector to achieve its targets.

The sector will rearrange medical examination and treatment facilities, especially those being requisitioned for COVID-19 treatment, to stabilize patient reception and medical treatment for local people while ensuring quarantine areas for treating COVID-19 patients. It will continue to invest to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment and improve the sense of responsibility and service attitude of health workers.

By Vietnam Business Forum