EVNGENCO2 Helps Ensure National Energy Security

10:02:52 AM | 9/8/2022

Power Generation Corporation 2 (EVNGENCO2) is one of nine corporations under Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), tasked to produce electricity and ensure national energy security. Officially put into operation in 2013, after nearly 10 years of development, EVNGENCO2 has overcome twists and turns to operate its power plants stably and support the country's socioeconomic development.

In 2022, besides advantages, EVNGENCO2 is facing many difficulties. Always being mindful in every step, EVNGENCO2 built a complete business plan for 2022 in late 2021. Electricity production output, equipment repair, maintenance and water supply downstream brought about optimistic results and ensured work schedule and quality.

EVNGENCO2 Headquarters in Can Tho City

Outstanding results in H1, 2022

In the first half of 2022, EVNGENCO2 encountered difficulties as there was a shortage of coal supply, resulting in insufficient supply for coal-fired power plants. Meanwhile, hydropower plants are having advantages when water reservoirs are around the normal water level. Utilizing such advantages and flexibly adapting to difficulties, EVNGENCO2 managed to perform well in the first months of the year. From January to May, its electricity production output was more than 6.4 billion kWh of electricity, equal to 40% of the full-year plan and up 11% year on year. Specifically, it generated 2 billion kWh of electricity by hydropower; 4.4 billion kWh by coal; its Thac Mo Solar Farm created more than 32 million kWh and oil-fueled thermal power plants halted backup operations.

Actively supplying water for downstream

Hydropower plants always face great pressure. Operating them is not easy as it must ensure electricity production for economic development and reasonably regulate water in the dry season and the rainy season. In recent years, EVNGENCO2’s hydropower plants have operated safely and stably to meet the electricity output needed by the National Load Dispatch Center. The corporation always ensures the water supply for domestic use, agricultural production, drought prevention and flood reduction for downstream areas. As of May 30, 2022, the water supply to the downstream area of An Khe - Ka Nak Hydropower Plant was approximately 418 million cubic meters; Song Bung Hydropower Plant, 854 million cubic meters; Song Ba Ha Hydropower Plant, 1.2 billion cubic meters; Quang Tri Hydropower Plant, 147 million cubic meters; Thac Mo Hydropower Plant, 1.4 billion cubic meters; A Vuong Hydropower Plant, 435 million cubic meters; and Trung Son Hydropower Plant, 1.619 billion cubic meters. This has importantly helped irrigation, agricultural production, and drought prevention in the dry season in 2022.

Leaders of EVNGENCO2  start construction of charity houses for local people

Environmentally friendly energy

To power the country's socioeconomic development, EVNGENCO2 defines that building a new environmentally friendly power source is a central task in the future. Accordingly, the corporation is expected to develop power source projects: O Mon V combined cycle gas turbine power plant (1,400 MW) and fuel conversion project of O Mon I Thermal Power Plant, using Block B gas. Regarding solar power projects, the corporation plans to deploy 30-MWp Quang Tri Solar Park, 375-MWp Thac Mo Solar Park (Phase 2) and floating solar power parks on the reservoirs of such hydropower plants as Song Ba Ha (200 MWp), Quang Tri (120 MWp), An Khe (20 MWp) and Ka Nak (80 MWp).

In addition to ongoing plans, EVNGENCO2’s units are still carrying out regular tasks that help environmental protection and improvement, like releasing fish to regenerate aquatic resources in hydropower reservoirs; planting trees to cover bare land and bare hills and protect the land; launching cycling movements to inform and motivate consumers to turn off unnecessary lights and electrical equipment in response to the “Earth Hour” campaign; organizing “Bright - Green - Clean - Nice” movements and “Green Saturday” movements to preserve the natural environment.

Responsibility to community and society

“Being an environmentally friendly, socially responsible corporation”, Power Generation Corporation 2 and its member units always actively organize and join social security with all levels of government for a better life for people. With its responsibility, in the first six months of 2022, the corporation donated nearly VND8 billion to social security with many meaningful programs. With EVNGENCO2, all support up to this point is still only a small part for poor people. On its journey of construction and development, the corporation will continue to help and support local authorities to better take care of people's lives.

In its development orientation, EVNGENCO2 defines three key areas: Corporate governance modernization, digital transformation and green transformation. With its right business strategies plus a strong, qualified and professional workforce, EVNGENCO2 will increasingly assert its position in power generation and overall development of Vietnam's electricity industry.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum