Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd Promoting Internal Resources, Stabilizing Production

10:05:41 AM | 9/8/2022

Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd is an outstanding exporter in Can Tho City, which not only generates employment for locals but also makes a significant contribution to the local development.

Established in 1999, Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd currently has 650 employees paid an average monthly salary of VND8 million. Its garment products are mainly exported to the United States and Europe.

The company has a modern equipment system, including programming machines, automatic thread cutters, automatic bag cutters and electronic gluing machines and electronic single-needle sewing machines. The firm has applied Lean Management since 2013 and has constantly pursued and improved the Lean Production model. It has deployed scientific and technological applications, modernized all processes, enhanced process improvement, and adjusted operations to ensure two important goals: High productivity, high quality and better customer satisfaction. Its revenue has increased year after year. The income and living standards of its employees have also increased gradually.

In the past two years, the textile and garment industry faced a "tragedy" as the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked most markets. Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd faced many challenges as many of its orders were delayed and input supplies were interrupted. Facing that difficulty, the company's leadership responded quickly to new situations and worked out its best strategy for its internal resources.

Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd established a steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control, and COVID-19 safety teams; increased medical equipment such as body temperature meters, alcohol sanitizers, medical masks and protective clothing. Every day, besides obligatory facemask wearing, all employees and customers had their body temperature checked and hands disinfected when entering the company. Moreover, the firm divided each department into small groups to keep a safe physical distance. Periodically, it disinfected kitchens and crowded areas. COVID-19 pandemic information and directive documents from all levels of government were also updated in a timely manner.

In particular, when adopting the factory-based manufacturing plan amid mandatory social distancing from July 2021 to October 2021, the company hired hotels for more than 550 workers to keep on production to meet orders from partners. As a result, despite being affected by the pandemic, Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd still ensured export shipments, kept its prestige and ensured life and employment for its workers.

In 2022, carrying out the theme "Focus on effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic, safe and flexible adaptation to restore and develop the city's economy and society”, Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd has made efforts to boost production output and achieve its set goals. In the first five months of 2022, the company exported more than US$6 million, expected to earn US$15-17 million in 2022.

Mr. Nguyen Van Bac, Deputy Director of Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd, said, since its inception, the company has always received support from all levels of government. Besides, the support from local customs authorities has greatly facilitated its import and export.

In the coming time, the company will further promote investment in facilities, equipment and apply modern production technology to meet the increasing standards of quality and design.

Moreover, Viet Thanh Export Garment Co., Ltd will create a friendly working environment; take good care of material and spiritual life, and ensure employment and stable income for employees to build a foundation for sustainable and effective development.

Last but not least, to meet increasing market requirements, Viet Thanh will develop well-qualified sales and import-export staff, who are expected to help the company strengthen its position in export markets.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum