Phu Tan District: Socioeconomic Recovery and Development Continues

3:34:47 PM | 8/9/2023

Boosted by many consistent and effective solutions, the socioeconomic performance of Phu Tan district has improved steadily over time, featuring increased production value, good state budget revenue, active management of construction investment and guaranteed national security.

Phu Tan district’s appearance is improving significantly

Economically, in the first six months of 2023, the district’s production value was VND7,124,778 billion, equal to 52.17% of the full-year plan and up 4.16% year on year. The agricultural and aquatic sector made VND3,056,104 billion, equal to 52.34% of the plan and up 1.03% year on year. The industrial and construction sector yielded VND2,097.435 billion, equal to 51.74% of the plan and up 5.73%. The trade and service sector generated VND1,971,239 billion, equal to 52.38% of the plan and up 7.62%.

Agriculturally, the winter-spring rice crop of 2022 - 2023 harvested 22,775 ha (down 1,080 ha due to land conversion to vegetable cultivation). With an average yield of 7.69 tons per hectare, the total rice output was 175,140 tons, 3,095 tons less than a year-ago crop. The contractually based area of sticky rice was 6,050.9 ha, an increase of 2,435.65 ha from a year earlier. Rice on 1,366.4 ha was purchased, or 22.58% of the contracted area (6,050.9 ha), compared to the fulfillment rate of 71.11% a year earlier) while selling price could not be agreed by farmers on the remaining area. Farmers sow summer-autumn rice on 23,855 ha as planned, with 2,117ha having been harvested to date with an average yield of 5.97 tons per hectare. The contracted farming area was 2,808 ha.

Agricultural production continued to be restructured for higher economic value, driven by high-tech applications. The district has 10 greenhouses covering 9,300 square meters and 23 mushroom houses covering 2,129 square meters. The National Target Program on New Rural Development funded 123 production models in the district, including 105 crop farming models and 18 aquaculture models.

Presently, Phu Tan district has seven 3-star OCOP products recognized by the Provincial People's Committee. The district is completing dossiers for three more OCOP products to be certified 3-star class by the Provincial People's Committee. The three candidates are manufactured by Thanh Tung Aquatic and Seafood Processing Company Limited in Phu Binh commune and Ngoc Thai business household in Phu Hung commune.

The meeting for the deployment of the Intelligent Operating Center (IOC)

Industrially, the district stepped up investment attraction and supported companies to tackle their difficulties and recover and develop business operations. Phu Tan had 25 new industrial and handicraft facilities with an investment fund of VND385 million, which hired 78 workers. The district coordinated with relevant bodies to survey producers to learn about their needs for upgrading machinery and equipment under the industrial promotion program in 2023. Phu Tan is expanding 45.97 ha for industrial purposes, bringing the total industrial area to 68.72 ha, and clearing site for 17.74 ha. Currently, one company has applied for investment there.

Trade and service advanced from a year earlier. The district had 198 new trade and service facilities with a combined investment capital of VND137.66 billion, which employed 606 workers. Phu Tan called investment capital for upgrading and promoting rural markets.

Promoting its new achievements, in the last six months of 2023, Phu Tan district will effectively protect summer-autumn and autumn-winter crops; actively respond to climate change, prevent natural disasters, monitor epidemic developments on crops and livestock to have prompt recommendations and active responses, and maintain and expand organic vegetable areas. The district will further consolidate and improve the working quality of cooperatives, call on companies to expand agricultural production cooperation, effectively implement the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program and support Tan Trung commune to fulfill new rural development standards by the end of 2023.

Regarding industry and trade, the district will apply investment incentive policies, invite businesses to invest in industrial and handicraft development, launch the Industrial Promotion Program in 2023 for local producers, regularly monitor and control the market, fight against speculation, smuggling, counterfeiting and knockoffs, and intensify the administration of rural markets.

In addition, the district is trying to accelerate public investment disbursement in 2023, respond to three national target programs, and carry out the socioeconomic recovery and development program.

Phu Tan district has a total natural area of 313.5 square kilometers, bordered by Tan Chau Town to the north, Cho Moi district to the south (separated by the Vam Nao River), Chau Phu district and Chau Doc town in the west (separated by the Hau River), Hong Ngu district and Thanh Binh district of Dong Thap province (separated by Tien and Cai Vung rivers).
The district is located on Ket Islet whose shape looks like a turtle lying between two large rivers - Tien and Hau. It is one of four islet districts of An Giang province with fertile alluvial plains and interlaced rivers. Phu Tan has strong advantages in agricultural production, cultivation, especially sticky rice, and aquaculture.
Provincial Road 954 runs across the district and its waterway system is linked to three major large rivers (Tien, Hau and Vam Nao), which are convenient for commodity trading.
Phu Tan people are persistent with national construction and defense; industrious at work and quick-minded about scientific, technical and technological achievements. The district has many traditional craft villages like Phu My metal forging village, Phu My puff pastry village and Con Nho Phu Binh reed broom village. The district has 53,736 households with 208,005 people, of which Kinh people account for 99.6% of the population and the rest are Khmer, Hoa and Cham peoples.
Most Phu Tan residents are followers of Hoa Hao Buddhism (accounting for 85% of the population) and other religions. The district is home to one provincially recognized architectural and artistic relic - Binh Thanh Dong Communal House, one provincially recognized revolutionary historical relic - Cao Dai Phu Lam Holy See, and three crepe myrtles in Bang Lang Temple - recognized legacy trees of Vietnam. Besides, Phu Tan has many pagodas, communal houses and shrines where annual festivals attract tourists from far and wide every year.
Under the leadership of the District Party Committee, Phu Tan people always uphold the spirit of solidarity, affection, industriousness and creativity in labor and production, thus contributing to building a richer and more beautiful land.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum