Impressive Tourism Destinations in Bac Lieu Southern Province

4:10:34 PM | 26/3/2010

2009 was considered a successful year for the tourism industry of the Mekong Delta region. Bac Lieu tourism also made magnificent strides, serving more than 350,000 holidaymakers, up 16.6 percent over 2008 and earning an estimated revenue of VND320 billion. This strength continues to be promoted as many tourism development projects are underway in the province.
In addition to the famous beauty spots, traditional festivals imbued with deep national identity and invaluable cultural and historical vestiges, Bac Lieu has ideal natural and climate conditions as well as great advantages of a young land, reclaimed in the late 17th century, for tourism development. Specially, the province holds rich advantages and potential for ecotourism.
According to many visitors, the tourist attraction in Bac Lieu is a very unique identity which inspires visits to explore, contemplate and make comparison. The province is widely known for its urban-surrounding bird sanctuaries. The image of birds quietly returning to their warm nests in the twilight notwithstanding urban atmosphere always creates a very strange emotion in the soul who witness. There is hardly anything more interesting than setting the soul free with flying birds on the sky after a day of hard work. Maybe, for that reason, Bac Lieu bird sanctuaries are always the first destination for visitors in this hospitable land.
The second ideal destination for holidaymakers is coastal longan yards in Bac Lieu Town where centennial longan trees are enchanting sightseers with their strange shapes. Here, tourists can enjoy local foods, drinks or music.
Going seven km down to the sea from Bac Lieu Town, visitors will be bewitched by the immense sea. The Bac Lieu sea does not have white sand beaches as in Nha Trang or Vung Tau but it has its own identities like local specialties. Walking on the sand and choosing local coastal specialties like fresh oysters and crabs is also an interesting experience. Smooth alluvial soil stretching through the Nha Mat coastal line, continuous sea waves and the sound of the twilight, etc will deeply engrave into the mind of all visitors when they drop in on here.
With good exploitation of its own identities and uniqueness, Bac Lieu will earn handsome profit. In the recent time, the tourism sector of Bac Lieu province has focused on key destinations like Nam Hai Buddha tourist site, Bac Lieu sanctuary tourist site and longan yard tourist site. The infrastructure for tourism has also gradually been invested and developed. Many tourism projects have been implemented. Hotels, restaurants and other tourist services also increase year after year. Annual festivals are held at a larger scale to attract more visitors. Historic cultural vestiges have become attractive destinations for tourists. In addition, upgrading of tourist sites, improving tourism service quality, developing new tourism products, adding new local specialties to restaurant menus for tourists will help bring more holidaymakers to Bac Lieu.
Bac Lieu is also regarded as the cradle of cultural tourism; thus, in addition to ecotourism development, the province also pays high attention to tapping cultural tourism. Apart from restoring historical and cultural vestiges, the province also centres on exploiting cultural identities like combining religious tours with pagodas, Vinh Hung Ancient Tower with Oc Eo culture; developing traditional music performances to serve tourists and organising local traditional festivals. Especially, in 2009, Bac Lieu kicked off two investment projects, namely Nha Mat tourist site and Musician Cao Van Lau tomb. It also organised a ceremony to commemorate the 90-year presence of “Da lang hoai co” music masterpiece. Besides, the tourism industry also has sent promoters to key provinces and cities in central and southern regions to attract tourists, study experience and adopt effective tourism development models for Bac Lieu province.
Tieu Tuong