Bac Lieu Province Promotes Agricultural Strengths

12:04:30 PM | 20/7/2011

For the past years, thanks to the application of technological advances and high efficiency models, Bac Lieu agricultural sector has gained many positive achievements. In the coming time, Bac Lieu will continues to boost fishery and rice production, which are regarded as provincial strengths to drive economic development.
In 2010, production value (PV) of agricultural, forestry and fishery in the whole province was VND 21,262.48 billion (at the current price); in which fishery accounts for 67.7 percent and agriculture accounts for 31.8 percent.
According to Mr Luong Ngoc Lan, Director of Bac Lieu Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, every year, Bac Lieu always studies and applies technical advances, creates new plant breeds and species and many disease prevention procedures which suit the characteristics of the relevant area and species.
In 2010, the province used many high quality rice varieties, local specialty rice (147,700 hectares, accounting for 92 percent of planted rice), and 65 percent of sowed rice is hopper resistant. Moreover, it is started to implement safe vegetable production procedures on 20 hectares in Bac Lieu City. Post-harvest technological application reduced rice seed loss by 8-10 percent and improved rice seed quality, especially in the rainy season and Summer-Autumn crop. The pilot application of laser controlled field levelling for provincial farms and some facilities producing seeds in the network also helped improve rice productivity.
Farmers in Bac Lieu province also successfully applied complex production models such as prawn-rice, prawn-rice + shrimp, rice – farm products and other models VACB, VAC, and RVACB.
Particularly, as for model rice-farm products, annual production scale is 500-600 hectares, bringing turnover of VND 55-100 million and profit of VND 30-60 million per hectare per year. This production model not only yields high economic efficiency, but also minimizes land degradation by rice-farm product rotation, since farming techniques are not complicated and farmers can easily put them into practice.
The model of combining prawn, crab, fish and rice production is applied on 5000-6000 hectares; bringing turnover of VND 60-80 million, and profit of VND 25-35 million per hectare. The expansion to shrimp in the model combining rice and prawn with crab and fish growing conducted in Bac Lieu since 2008 has seen initial efficiency and ensured food hygiene.
At the same time, to increase fishery productivity, Bac Lieu has basically changed the custom of natural fisheries to using high-yield species (prawn, shrimp, eel, goby) with environmental treatment to expand output. New procedures have been adopted for producing clown knifefish, crayfish, total female perch, clean shrimp using filtered ozone circulation; new models for growing eco-shrimp, industrial and semi-industrial shrimp, and extensive shrimp farming which combines many aquatic species have been adopted, helping minimize risks and increase income. Fishery trading and manufacturing enterprises have applied the HACCP programme to production management. With this direction, Bac Lieu continues to affirm fishery as its economic spear head, one of the provincial strengths until 2020 with vision to 2030.
Thanh Huyen