Impressive Figures of Trade and Industry in Bac Lieu Province

2:58:51 PM | 19/4/2010

The industry of trade of southern Bac Lieu province succeeded in carrying out measures to curb inflation last year. The locality gained encouraging results in industrial production and import-export value as well as total retail revenues, contributing to the local economic growth.
Regarding industrial production, the province encouraged processing of exports and paid attention to technology improvement and developed high-value products. In 2009, the locality reached an industrial production value of VND3.11 trillion, up 10.29 per cent on-year. The local key industrial products for production and consumption continue growing stably such as commercial electricity and clean water.
In the trade sector, the province implemented the government’ stimulus policy, enhanced market management and ensured consumers’ rights. The provincial import and export value was estimated to reach US$226.92 million last year, meeting 90.77 per cent of the year target and down 8.13 per cent on-year. Of the sum, export revenues accounted for US$195.75 million, reaching 93.21 per cent of the year plan and up 5.81 per cent compared to the same period of 2008.
The province’ key export items are frozen seafood and rice. The retail goods are more diversified with total retail revenue of VND8.31 trillion in 2009, surpassing 1.4 per cent the full-year target and up 19.13 per cent on-year. Service revenues were estimated at VND3.28 trillion, reaching 99.55 per cent of the year target, up 30.36 per cent on-year. Balance of the major product’s supply and demand was maintained to meet local people’s demand.
Impressive figures show the province’s economic growth as well as the local industry and trade sector’s suitable measures to control inflation, ensure social security, marcro-economic stabilisation and sustainable development.
In the context of the global economic downturn, these achievements are attributed to the sector’s effort, particularly updating the market information and supporting businesses to stablilise their production activities. Besides, timely implementation of policies of the state also helps to contribute to the province’s economic development such as policies to boost demand and consumption.
Hoang Lam