Tourism Attractions in Bac Lieu Southern Province

5:19:57 PM | 29/3/2010

When visiting Bac Lieu province in the south of Vietnam, many visitors have the same opinion that the attraction of this well-off land is its tourist sites which went to the legend. 
Uncle Ho Temple
Uncle Ho Temple in Chau Thoi Commune, Vinh Loi District has been listed as a national historic relic.
After President Ho Chi Minh passed way, to show the respect and regret for him, Vinh Loi District built the temple at Ba Chang A Village - Chau Thoi Commune. The 6,000 sq.m temple was built on the bank of the Ba Chang River. Behind the temple there is a gallery of more than 300 documents, objects and images under the two main themes: the life of President Ho Chi Minh with many rich contents; and the militia of Chau Thoi Commune fingting to protect Uncle Ho Temple.
Woeful and majestic Noc Nang Field
Noc Nang Field is located in Phong Thanh Commune, Gia Rai District, Bac Lieu Provice. It is listed as a historic relic. It is the place where the farmer heroically fought to protect their farms from the plunder by despotic landowners. Although the fighting of farmers in Noc Nang was unprompted, the fighting showed undaunted and proud characteristics of peasantry in the Mekong river delta those days, thereby contributed to the tradition of steadfast fight of Vietnamese nation.
Over the last 70 years, Noc Nang still remains vestiges of the dramatic event. There are many poetic, literary, and artistic works about this event with the images of ingenious, honesty and brave farmers.
Xiem Can Pagoda featuring rich Khmer culture
Xiem Can Pagoda is about 7km from Bac Lieu Town. This is the biggest pagoda of Khmer people and the nicest pagoda in South Vietnam with the unique architecture.
The architecture of the centre chamber in Xiem Can Pagoga shows patterns expressing the cultural character of Khmer people in the domes, walls, pillars, doors and stairs. The pillars were sculpted with many fairies and monsters. Steps of the stairs were sculpted with the Nagar Basilisk. Go into the centre chamber is go into a different world – the world of spirit silence and comfort. Following the two main walls, there are many embossments and wall-paintings, especially the wall-paintings express the life of Gautama Buddha from his birthday to his death and the wall-paintings express Ramayama Epic.
Besides the ancient value, Xiem Can Pagoda also remains a special cultural character of Khmer people in South Vietnam. It is very interesting in big festivals like Ok Om Bok, Chol Chnam Thmay, Don Ta, etc. Nowadays, people feel that the cultural character, which is prosperous and very special, of Khmer people are maintaining and upholding everyday for Vietnamese culture being nicer, richer and more diversified.
Peaceful ancient Vinh Hung Tower
The tower is located at Trung Hung 1 Village (Vinh Hung A Commune, Vinh Loi District). It was listed as a historical monument of South Vietnam. The tower also has other names as Luc Hien and Bhah Dhat.
Vinh Hung is a unique tower having old architecture in the Mekong river delta still remains artistic and cultural values of Khmer people in South Vietnam. The tower was listed as an artistic architectural monument in 1992. The air around the tower is very cool, quiet, and clean. Local people annually worship the tower on January 15 of lunar calendar, attracting a lot of visitors.
Phuoc Duc Temple
Phuoc Duc Temple(Bang Pagoda) is the long-standing temple of Chinese origin people in Bac Lieu. The temple was built by Chinese and Vietnamese in about 1780 to worship God of the soil of the land Ba Thac including Bac Lieu, Soc Trang and some other near places.
The whole temple was built following the old Chinese architecture with patterns and sacred beasts were engraved precisely. The timber and stone plates were engraved with Han script and gilded. They are known as valuable works of the old temple. Every year, on March 29 of lunar calendar there will be the ceremony Dan Sinh Than Phuoc Duc (cerebration of the birthday of Mr Dan) – the main ceremony of the temple. There is also festival of January 15 lunar calendar, Buddhist holiday, and New Year festival.
In short, Phuoc Duc old temple is a long-standing architectural monument, associated with the history of Bac Lieu Province, and is the traditionally artistic and cultural project of Chinese origin people that is still kept up to date.    
Luxuriant old longan garden
The longan garden of Bac Lieu is 6km from Bac Lieu Town. Soil of the garden has been raised the level by the sea for a long time. The garden spreads from Nha Mat Ward to An Trach Dong Commune. It was grown over 100 years ago. Longan of Bac Lieu has been famous because of the big fruit, thick and fleshy pulp, small seed, and its sweetness and perfume. To drive bats away from the garden, farmers use the lights; therefore, the garden is bright like the city at night.
Recover and maintenance the old longan garden is an urgent matter which is particularly interested by functional departments. Currently, Bac Lieu Town is coordinating with tourism industry to establish a project, in which the garden will be an area of ecotourism and cultural tourism.
Bac Lieu bird sanctuary
The bird garden of Bac Lieu is on the area of Nha Mat Ward, Bac Lieu Town. This garden has many kinds of birds living and reproducing with the biggest number of individuals in the Mekong Delta.
According to the documentation of the nature reserve of Bac Lieu’s bird garden, the place appeared about 100 years ago. At that time, it was a sheet of coastal mangrove forest. It was very rich and diverse with the natural mangrove ecosystem on an area of about 385ha, including 19ha of primeval forest. The bird garden is the habitat of 46 species of birds with about 40 thousand birds and five thousand nests of all kinds, including many species of birds recorded in the Red Book such as Giang Sen, De Coc, etc.; 109 species of plants in 90 branches and 46 genera; 150 species of animals, including 58 species of fishes, 7 species of amphibians, 10 species of mammals, 8 species of reptiles; and some other animals living together in a diverse community, reflecting highly biodiversity which must be preserved and developed.
The house of  Bac Lieu mandarin’s son
This house is located at No. 13, Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 3, Bac Lieu Town. This place can’t be ignored by every tourist who has visited the land with many attractive anecdotes. The villa was built in 1917 and it is the biggest one at that time. It has the French model. And all of materials to build it were brought from France. The villa was built on the campus of a flower garden, including the bounding fence, the main house, the kitchen, the warehouses and auxiliary works. Its direction is selected according to the science of winds and waters. It faces south and Xang Canal of Bac Lieu.
In 2003, Bac Lieu Tourism Company invested to repair the villa to put into business of culture and tourism. Presently, this house was used as a hotel in the system of restaurants and hotels of Bac Lieu mandarin’s son.
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