Bac Lieu Province Gradually Completing Transport Network

2:52:36 PM | 19/4/2010

To carry out preferential policies for traffic - transport infrastructure development to serve socioeconomic development requirements, Bac Lieu province has focused on investing development and construction of appropriate and powerful traffic systems to meet the integrating economy.
After the province was re-established, the traffic - transport systems of Bac Lieu province have been upgraded. Artery roads have been synchronously built while inter-commune roads have been upgraded and expanded. The above results come from the traffic - transport sector’s close coordination with local authorities to exploit local available resources, including domestic and international sources, to build, develop and manage traffic systems.
In the pas time, to build and develop an appropriate traffic system with provincial socio-economic development orientation, the Provincial People's Committee, the governing body, approved the Bac Lieu transportation development plan for the period from 1997 to 2010; rural transportation network plan for the period from 2001 to 2010, inland waterway transportation development plan for the period 2001 to 2010 and vision to 2020. The People’s Committee also ratified the Bac Lieu transportation development plan until 2015 and vision to 2020.
Together with building a series of artery roads, the province has mobilised a lot of capital sources to build transport infrastructure in economic zones, industrial parks, tourist sites and remote regions. Backbone roads have been adequately invested in six districts and towns in Bac Lieu. This is the period many important traffic works started to be built and put into use. Since its re-establishment, the province has invested in repairing and upgrading existing roads and building new ones, totalling 100 important traffic routes with a combined length of 268.5 km. Apart from main roads, Bac Lieu also built bridges connecting with districts, towns and remote areas. Until now, the province has built and completed 119 bridges with a total length of 4,283 m. Besides, districts and towns have invested VND1,204 billion to build more than 2,625 km of rural roads 5,901 bridges with a total length of 72,025 m.
In general, after 12 years, Bac Lieu province has concreted roads capable of supporting automobiles for 25 communes and three towns. As many as 332 villages have inter-village roads. Bac Lieu Town has repaired and upgraded 45 urban roads and upgraded pavements on 15 roads. At present, the province is urgently expanding and building many roads and bridges to turn the town into a third-class urban zone and a city in the future. Mr Nguyen Tan Phuoc, Deputy Director of Bac Lieu Department of Transport, said: Developing traffic system plays crucial roles in creating a foundation for social and economic development and accelerating the process of industrialisation and modernisation.
In transporting sector, in recent years, Bac Lieu has doubled efforts to maintain order of passenger transportation, consolidate bus stations, upgrade the quality of transpiration to meet the travel demand of the people. The sector properly manages drivers and vehicles. In traffic safety, with many efforts, the number of traffic accidents, injuries and casualties dropped significantly in 2009. The Bac Lieu Department of Transport focused on heightening the public awareness of traffic safety and law observance.
Thanh Tam