Lang Son Auto Transport JSC No. 2: Repeated Success

1:44:23 PM | 2/8/2011

Less than one year after entering passenger transport business and bus station management of Lang Son province with plenty of difficulties, Auto Transport Company No. 2 has gained remarkable success. Since July 2010, Lang Son Auto Transport has created a fresh look for Lang Son passenger transport.
Innovation for development
Before July 2010, Lang Son bus station was in a poor condition. Due to the ill management, the unlicensed buses and station spread far and wide; the public order and security was not guaranteed. This caused its managers headache and had adversely impacts on the people around the bus station. Since July 2010, Auto Transport Company No. 2 has taken over the bus station. After the shareholder meeting on August 4, 2010, the company’s executive board made some decisions and got suitable steps which has changed the appearance, and enhanced the operational efficiency of the bus station.

Accordingly, the Lang Son bus station is invested more than VND2 billion to upgrade and expand facilities. The company’s executive board has thoroughly reformed its personnel structure and ways of organising work, moderated bus routes, and scientifically and reasonably controlled buses in and out. In addition, the company also established collaborations with Son Duc Auto Transport joint venture in Lang Son for operation development to meet the increasing needs of customers.
Currently, with the total area of over 1200sq.m, daily there are average 184 in and out buses with over 2320 passengers. The bus station has now met the demand for vehicles of passengers. The resting and food service is managed and operated in a professional way ensuring good public security and public hygiene.
Mr Nguyen Tuan Anh, Director of the Company said: “In the future, the company is planning to build a bus station at international standard in Lang Son. We expect the provinces to create more incentive policies and more favorable conditions; the company will develop a trade centre in combination with bus station to better serve people in Lang Son province.”
Policy is the crucial factor
However, the operation of the company still exists many problems and difficulties such as unlicensed busses. The planning of the system of bus stations in the province and the city is not unified, which causes difficulties for companies to invest in Lang Son bus station. According to Mr Nguyen Tuan Anh, the most concerning matter of the company is how the province has a specific and long-term plan for provincial transportation sector. Once there is a stable plan, the company will promote further investment to expand and upgrade the bus station as well as build the standard commercial center.
Lang Son Auto Transport Company No. 2 also actively exploits the international transport routes like Lang Son – Pingxiang (Bang Tuong). Accordingly, Lang Son bus station will be ready for the buses from Pingxiang (Bang Tuong) - China to go in and out the station. With available managerial experiences and constant investment in upgrading, especially the arrangement, management and sense of responsibility of officials and employees, the company has always completed all tasks and forth-set plan.
In addition to passenger transport sector, the company also runs a business in hotels and travel agents. Oriental five-storey hotel under the company is built on office campus opposite Le Dai Hanh street and near the train station and central bus station as well as the Dong Kinh market. The travel agents of the company are efficiently exploiting Vietnam - China transit tourism and the famous destinations such as Mau Son of Lang Son. With the right steps and the activeness, and creativeness of executive board, it is expected to bring a sustainable development for Lang Son Auto Transport Company No. 2.
Le Sang