Street Festival 2011 to Be Held in Ha Giang

3:47:22 PM | 8/9/2011

 On the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day (September 2), together with the 120th anniversary of the foundation of Ha Giang Province, the Street Festival 2011 will be held in Ha Giang from September 10-12 in the centre of Ha Giang City.
The event will include various cultural activities designed by people from different quarters, precincts and communes. Each place will make a model car and the youth parade will go down the main streets in the Ha Giang area.
The highlight of the festival will be the parade night, which will feature a festival procession of sacred objects, on the evening of September 12 (coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival Night).
The Street Festival aims to make a special cultural space and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for the ethnic groups of Ha Giang City. The event will also provide an opportunity to promote and introduce the potential of an eco-tourism resort, as well as the products and services and the sincere hospitality of Ha Giang’s people to numerous domestic and international tourists.