In Association with Nghe An Development

4:36:09 PM | 10/7/2013

Many associations had been established in Nghe An previously, however, no organisation was strong enough in all aspects and had members with common economic capacity and corporate culture. On October 28, 2008, the Nghe An Typical Business Association (NATBA) was born to meet the expectation of the Provincial People’s Committee and local enterprises.
Starting with 60 founding members, the Association so far has over 150 provincial leading business members, plus hundreds of honorary members and associated ones both in and outside of the province.
Mr Tran Anh Son, Permanent Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of the Association, said that NATBA has marked its growth in all aspects. Despite the small proportion of its members among the total number of local enterprises (nearly 2 percent), they accounted for more than 70 percent of the contribution to the provincial state budget. The Association has become a firm bridge connecting strong businesses in the province with each other, and with those in other localities as well as with the authorities, timely providing comments and contributions for departments and authorities for the basis of the Provincial People’s Committee to have more practical economic orientation.
Notably, the attraction of NATBA for business members lies in its organisation for members to exchange, address difficulties and challenges in unique forms of not only workshops, but also tea parties and warm wassails in the evening. Moreover, the Association has held periodic extended meetings with the participation of provincial leaders, relevant departments and business members.
The businesses are allowed to directly discuss and make proposals and recommendations to local authorities. In return, the local authorities listen to enterprises’ presentations and analyse the arising issues. For those that can be handled, they can make decisions immediately while the assistants and secretaries will be responsible for finalising documents later. This is a fast and effective working style that can avoid complications caused by administrative procedures.
During its operation, NATBA has proposed that the Provincial People’s Committee award “Nghe An Entrepreneurs Golden Cup”. So far, the Association has coordinated with the Provincial People’s Committee to successfully organise the award three times. Given its meaning and benefits, the prize will be maintained and developed sustainably. The cup has helped foster investment, uniting enterprises in and outside the province, especially the foreign and overseas Vietnamese ones.
Concerning external affairs, NATBA has actively coordinated with the province to organise meetings with other business associations such as associations of Nghe An people in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Northern Thailand, and Vientiane and Xiengkhuang in Laos. These activities have led to many positive results with documents and contracts signed by parties to foster cooperation and investment, associations, joint ventures for local socio-economic development.
Besides, NATBA is known for its social and charity activities such as assistance to families who had contributed to the nation; poor patients; disadvantaged households, disabled children and natural disaster victims.
NATBA has always led the way in contribution to victims of floods and natural disasters in the province; paid attention to study encouragement, assistance to poor communes in western Nghe An with preparation of the project “construction of autonomous primary and secondary schools”, helping improve human resource quality for ethnic minorities for sustainable poverty reduction. A creative model which is an outstanding feature in the province is the formation and effective implementation of the programme “Assistance to poor patients”. Given the attention, encouragement and mobilisation of provincial leaders, NATBA has proposed the initiative and undertaken programme “Assistance to poor patients” starting with “soup bowls of love” which was initiated on October 8th 2010 in Nghe An Friendship General Hospital. After 2 years of operation, the programme has gained many positive results with hundreds of soup bowls delivered to poor patients in Nghe An, bringing them courage and trust to overcome diseases. At present, most poor patients in Nghe An Friendship General Hospital have known about the free soup bowls for them, which are humble but full of compassion of Nghe An entrepreneurs, benefactors and enthusiasm of students from Vinh University of Medicine and members of Nghe An Friendship General Hospital.
Given its dynamic and effective activities, NATBA has gained increasing attraction and become a destination of successful entrepreneurs in Nghe An, deserving the name “Nghe An Typical Businesses”.
Hoang Tinh