Lao Cai Water Supply One Member Co., Ltd: Ensuring Adequate and Constant Supply of Clean Water

5:48:05 PM | 29/8/2013

In process of industrialisation and social - economic development, Lao Cai Water Supply One Member Limited Liability Company has grown and developed rapidly. Up to now, the company has ensured an adequate and constant supply of clean water for about 80 percent of the urban population, industrial zones, and commercial areas in Lao Cai province.
In recent years, the company has been constantly improving to undertake new investment projects funded by its own capital, international organisations, and domestic credit institutions to support provincial socio-economic development, namely Lao Cai - Cam Duong new urban water supply project; Tang Loong Industrial Park, eastern Pho Moi, northern Duyen Hai, Kim Thanh commercial area water supply project; Sapa town water supply project, Pho Lu - Bao Thang water supply project, and upgrading the Coc San water plant (Lao Cai City). These projects are essential to ensure clean water supply for local people and business activities of enterprises and investors in the province.
With continuous efforts to produce enough high quality water, Lao Cai Water Supply One Member Limited Liability Company has reaped many successes. It has attained remarkable growth in revenues, making increasing contributions to the State budget and raising employees’ incomes. The company also expands its business to such areas as constructing, designing, engineering, trading materials and chemicals and testing water meters, which are highly valued by local contractors and trading partners from Lai Chau, Hai Duong and Lam Dong provinces.
Besides, Lao Cai Water Supply One Member Limited Liability Company always follows provincial policy in investment attraction, satisfying investors’ requirement in the province. Typically, in Tang Loong - Bao Thang Industrial Park with area of 1,100 hectares, there are more than 14 enterprises in the manufacturing and construction sectors, most of them also give high appraisals for water supply service, especially water supply for Viet - China Steel Factory with total investment of VND100 billion. Furthermore, the company also well implements the sewage and waste water treatment in Sapa township Project (funded by AFD), Upgrading and Increasing water supply in Pho Lu township Project (funded by JICA), and water supply and waste water treatment in Lao Cai City Project (funded by WB). However, the company still needs facilities from governmental agencies for loans and interest rate to maintain its investments.
In recent years, the Party Committee of the company has been granted pure and strong titles; its organisation is successful. Furthermore, Lao Cai Water Supply One Member Limited Liability Company has gained awards like emulation flags, certificates of merit from Ministries and Lao Cai People’s Committee. These awards are an honour, helping the company promote good tradition in work and production among the young generation of employees.
An An