Song Cau Water Resources Exploitation Co., Ltd: Devoted Efforts for Bac Giang Agriculture

10:51:11 AM | 10/9/2014

Determined to enhance production efficiency, improve the spiritual and material life of employees, Song Cau Water Resources Exploitation Co.,Ltd has achieved sustainable development steps. Currently, the company manages and operates agricultural irrigation systems in Hiep Hoa, Tan Yen, Viet Yen districts (Bac Giang province) and Phu Binh district (Thai Nguyen province). The company successfully completes its preset goals and tasks every year.
In 2013, weather conditions were not very favourable, with drought in early months and widespread flooding caused by heavy rains, thus placing huge difficulties on water supply and drainage of the company. However, the company managed to introduce effective measures to deal with emerging difficulties.
Specifically, in public utilities area, despite certain difficulties in operation, the company achieved positive results in water drainage at the time of flooding. Last year, the company irrigated 18,221.26 ha of land in the spring crop, 18,157.01 ha in the summer crop and 6,952.54 ha in the winter crop, all slightly higher than preset targets. The company also provided water for 437.07 ha of fish farming area, reaching 100 percent of the plan.
Director Tran Van Tho said, to maintain and improve operational efficiency in 2014 and in subsequent years, the company will continue to operate, manage and exploit irrigation works safely and effectively to serve agricultural production and aquaculture in the locality. In addition, the company will also supply new machines and means and apply new technologies to enhance productivity and increase incomes for employees.
Duc Binh