ANT VINA Co., Ltd Bringing Most Optimal Solutions to Customers

9:12:41 AM | 10/3/2022

ANT VINA was established in 2015 to deliver inclusive logistics services like consulting procedures, declaring customs clearance, applying for import and export permits, import and export consignment, packing - loading and unloading - cargo lifting, providing multimodal transportation, making settlement reports and warehousing for businesses in many provinces. Staffed by young, dynamic and professional personnel experienced with importers and exporters, ANT VINA Logistics has brought customers the most optimal solutions.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang, Director of ANT VINA, said: “With the principle of ‘giving is also receiving’, ANT VINA's services are simple, convenient and effective; professional employees who are making an ongoing effort and active approach to all situations will definitely bring the desired values to customers. The combination of ANT VINA and customers always creates the most optimal products.”

ANT VINA Logistics’ strength is young, disciplined, responsible, tolerant and ethical employees providing the best service to customers and partners. ANT VINA is likened to a seamless body mass where back-office organs are blood vessels that help that body mass work smoothly and achieve the highest efficiency. Knowing that solidarity builds this strength, in addition to security benefits such as salary and bonus, ANT VINA Logistics always focuses on the spiritual life of its employees; regularly organizes meetings, festivals, skills training and vacations to facilitate information exchange and connect members with each other; and provide periodic health check-ups and visits to sick relatives. At ANT VINA Logistics, no one is left behind.

In the current context of Vietnam's economy, the demand for transport, logistics and supply chains is increasing. ANT VINA Logistics has prepared the best equipment and personnel to serve and bring the highest benefits to customers. ANT VINA is completing its freight forwarding software, digitizing most operations and working remotely around the clock. The company develops appropriate forwarding and delivery processes amid an increasing epidemic to avoid contagion exposures to customers; trains employees to improve their professional skills, follow up and update new regulatory rules on tax and customs; and interlinks transport firms to turn competitors into partners to optimize two-way transportation capacity for maximum service for the largest number of customers at the same time.

With its ongoing effort, each employee of ANT VINA Logistics always stands in customers’ shoes to understand and support them sustainably, and brings them more value than simply service use. Placing customers at the center, ANT VINA always strives to find solutions to turn customers' problems into satisfaction based on the business principle of “Know - Like - Trust - Love”, increases touchpoints to make customers Know; gives more value to customers to get their Like; and helps them more to get their Trust and Love. The core value that ANT VINA always aims for is “customer trust”.

Remarking on the investment environment of Hai Duong province, ANT VINA Director Nguyen Xuan Quang added, "As a provider of logistics services with a lot of activities at Hai Duong Customs Branch, we highly appreciate its practical and effective ways of operating and supporting businesses. Both leaders and employees of the branch care, capture, share, handle and answer questions raised by enterprises through many different channels such as phone, Facebook, Zalo and staff on duty. Typically, recently, after checking and reviewing, the branch supported businesses to correct nearly 1,500 customs declarations in two days or promptly handled overpaid money of nearly VND70 billion for enterprises in a fast and convenient manner. We appreciate and hope that Hai Duong Customs Branch will continue to accompany businesses in Hai Duong province.”

By Vietnam Business Forum