Quang Nam Province's Industry with Gradual Renovation and Affirmation

11:55:00 AM | 21/9/2006

Located in the key economic region of Central Vietnam is the Chu Lai Open economic zone, over the past years, Quang Nam province has made great efforts to develop its economy by promoting economic restructuring and increasing the contribution of industry and services.
With its great determination to achieve a target of becoming an industrial province in the 2015-2020 period, Quang Nam has developed a multi-sectorial industry with centrally and locally-run State-owned, private and foreign-invested industrial enterprises.
The province has six concentrated industrial parks which have been planned or built. The Chu Lai open economic zone has well-developed infrastructure facilities. The North Chu Lai industrial park (IP) has attracted 64 projects with a total registered capital of US$642.297 million. The other IPs of Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc, Thuan Yen, Dong Que Son and Tam Thang are under construction.
Some major projects are promoting IPs in Quang Nam, mainly the Chu Lai open economic zone. These include a project on heavy airplane maintenance and repair by Belgium’s AAAWA Group, a project on producing construction glass and nitrogenous fertiliser of the Frun Group of China, a project on building a complex for manufacturing and assembling heavy trucks and cares of specific purposes by the Vietnam Coal Corporation and a project on building a thermo-electric power plant by Ramatex of Malaysia.
Many local industrial enterprises have striven for high economic effectiveness. The Cam Ha joint stock company in Hoi An town is a leading woodwork exporter in Quang Nam province. With its great efforts, each year, the company exports 1,500 containers of wooden desks and chairs to Europe. Nguyen Binh, director of the company, said that his company’s annual export turnover was put at around US$30 million.
Apart from IPs, Quang Nam province has planned 150 industrial complexes. Of the figure 22, with a total area of 580 hectares, have been approved and 13 of them have invested in infrastructure facilities. So far, 87 projects have registered to invest in industrial complexes with a total registered capital of around VND 750 billion. Of the figure, 28 projects have become operational, generating jobs for over 3,000 people and 32 other projects are under construction.
At the same time, Quang Nam province has always attached importance to restoring and developing craft villages in 17 districts and towns, as well as their communes and wards. So far, the province has had 51 craft villages with around 6,740 handicrafts establishments, which have generated jobs for around 16,000 people, accounting for 26 per cent of the whole industry and contributing 45 per cent of production value of the province each year.
Focus has been given to Quang Nam’s industry with a promoted restructuring in accordance with each field, each sector and group of fields with high comparative advantage. These industries include forestry, farm and seafood processing, footwear, textile and garment making, motorbike and automobile assembly, and electronics. The group of material production industries, including electricity, coal, chemical, mineral mining and mechanics, provide support for other industries by supplying input and machines and equipment, thus providing a direct impact on quality and prices of industrial products.
In the 2006-2010 period, the province will strive to accelerate its economic growth, thus helping it move away from poverty. Accordingly, the province will have to gain a high growth rate in industry and services, which will have to compete in both local and markets.
The province will strive for an average industrial growth rate of 28 per cent per annum. The industry’s and services’ contribution to the province’s GDP will reach over 82 per cent. The province will increase the number of workers in the two sectors to over 50 per cent. The groups of industries with high comparative advantages should be restructured to increase added value of products, gradually reducing the volume of products made under sub-contracts and promoting design of textiles, garments and footwear products.
Quang Nam will concentrate on completing major projects in production material industries to meet the local demand. Investment will be promoted in processing industries, exploiting on-the-spot materials effectively and protecting the environment. The province will gradually transfer technology and develop support industries.
It will improve the quality of industrial products, such as coal, sand, sugar, vegetable oil, beverage, textiles, woodwork, chemical products, bricks, hand-held agricultural devices to meet the local demand. At the same time, the province will promote the export of products including white sand, titanium, processed seafood, textiles and garments, footwear, woodwork, tiles and trucks.
Hanh -Thuy