Quang Nam Tourism - The Millennium Destination

11:59:54 AM | 21/9/2006

      Quang Nam is rich in potentials for tourism of various forms, a land of tangible and intangible cultural relics existing since ancient times. Local and foreign tourists are attracted by world heritage sites : Hoi An ancient town with the Hoai river and pagoda bridge and My Son Holy land with its legendary towers.
      In fact, Quang Nam is becoming a tourist centre of Vietnam with the biggest number of tourists and investment capital in Central Vietnam. 2006 is national tourism year :”Quang Nam – a destination for two world heritages”. The opening ceremony will be launched simultaneously by Vietnam Television One from Hoi An, Chu Lai and My Son. Traditional festivals of profound national identity will be celebrated such as Cau Bong, Ruoc Co Cho Duoc, Ba Thu Bon, and the Son legendary night. Craft villages will also be joined with festivals of Phuoc Kieu copper mould and Thanh Ha ceramics.
      Meanwhile “Hoi An – Summer imprint 2006” with such activities as international sculpture symposium, art performance, exhibition fair on industry, trade, electronics, information and telecommunication added the exuberant atmosphere to the tourism year. The province will organize follow-up activities namely “ Ethnic culture and Ho Chi Minh legendary trail”, “Chu lai – land opening”.
      In the first half of 2006, Quang Nam has distributed 8,000 brochures and 1,500 discs on “Quang Nam – a destination for two world heritages”, displayed nearly 1,000 banderoles and banners, organized roadshows in key tourist centres at home and abroad. Quang Nam tourism, in conjunction with Russian Consulate, published tourist handbook in Russian language and organized Russian Famtrip delegation to Quang Nam. It also participated in the organization of APEC meetings in Da Nang and Hoi An of ministers of health, agriculture, tourism and SOM 3.
      The above successes are due to the policy and the great efforts of Quang Nam to create a new image of the province both modern and rich in cultural tradition. The tourism office together with Institute of Tourism Development will submit a master plan on tourism to 2015to Quang Nam People’s Committee for approval of and cooperate with French consultants of Pas de Calais Nord on Phu Ninh tourist planning.
      The province has also developed tourism infrastructure : Dien Ngoc – Cam An coastal road and Phu Ninh and Bai Chong tourist sites (Cu Lao Cham island) and power supply in My Son Holy land. In 2010, Quang Nam expects to receive 3 million tourists including 1.4 million foreigners with average increase of 17.1 per cent a year.
      Quang Nam tourism is becoming more prominent in the maps of Vietnam and the region. The province and the whole nation is making joint efforts to develop Quang Nam tourism brand impressive to tourists world wide in the new century.                                                                                         
In 2005, Quang Nam received 1,362,126 tourists, 32.9 per cent more than 2004, including 712,529 foreigners with the turnover of over VND290 billion. In the first half of 2006, the province received over 900,000 tourists, or 23.2 per cent more than the same period last year, with 360,000 foreign tourists, turnover of VND196 billion and social income from tourism of VND500 billion.
Thanh Ly